Contender .410

Where can I find a on line picture of the Contender .410 pistol?

Thanks Tim
Hey folks If I understand correctly this is the only Emphacise ONLY legal shotgun Pistol. It has interchangable barrels and is available only in .410 as a shotgun.

It’s the chambering that makes it legal. Firearms designed to fire multi-projectile rounds, (i.e. shotguns) with a chamber diameter in excess of 0.41 inch (i.e. anything bigger than a .410), must have a barrel length of at least 18 inches. .410 is and is not a shotgun round, depending on which part of the US federal firearms laws you are reading.

I’ve seen several .410 handguns over the years, including a derringer I once owned that would cnamber both .410 and .45 Colt cartridges.

Maybe, but you can buy shotshells for in variety of handgun calibers.

Here’s some forf the 38 Special/.375 Magnum.

I lived with a guy who had a special anniversary edition Derringer-type pistol that could hold two .45 Colt or .410 shells. It was about five inches long, tops.

Naturally, we called it the Hand Cannon. I don’t remember him ever firing it.

Heh. I just remembered this nasty little sucker. The picture here is of a Navy Arms reproduction of the civil war era LeMat revolver.

.40-.42 caliber 9-shot revolver with a cylinder that rotated about a .60 caliber smoothbore cylinder pin. The cylinder pin was loaded usually loaded with grapeshot. Ouch!

Here’s a photo of an original in a different caliber.

Couldn’t find it from your post Unc but I found it at CTDs website

Well Hell

Go to their website and select handgun and 38 special It will list ammo and about the bottom of the page it lists shotgun
I couldn’t find it with 357