Contest Winners

In light of the new McDonalds ‘Monopoly’ contest, I was wondering something regarding big prize contests.

I can’t recall ever hearing of anyone winning a grand prize from the hundreds of soda, beer, fast food, etc. companys that hold these contests. Is there a way to verify that a winner was really awarded?

If you read the fine print on the contest rules, there is usually an address where you can send a self-addressed stamped envelope to get a list of winners.

People do actually win this stuff. My dad won a car on the same day my mum find out she was pregnant with me.

My best friend from HS won 100K in some sweepstakes (IIRC a candy bar wrapper) several years ago.

But yeah, there’s fine print that you can get a list of winners after such-and-such a date post sweepstakes end.