contests in preserved facial science

I’ve banned the OP, but I’m asking him to tell us what he’s been smoking and where his stash is. If he replies, you’re invited to my place for a party.

Heck yeah! It would be quite some party. Plus, I suppose I’m getting old enough to want to know about this “preserved facial science”.

If this is not an obvious admission to committing cattle mutes, I don’t know what is.

Anagrams maybe?

I’m lousy at anagrams so I don’t know, but insta-banning seems a little harsh.


 -   \O/                    ,  .-.___
  • /\                      \O/  /xx\XXX\
  • __/\ /\ |xx|XXX| , () ` << |xx|XXX|

Ah, one of those devious spammers for the Audubon Society of Rhode Island.

Aw, man, I was looking foward to meating him.

You know how your mom always said that if you kept making that face, it’d freeze that way? Well, the OP is into contests where you see who can freeze a funny face for longest.

The OP reads like that random text they insert into spam to get past filters. But then he doesn’t even offer us links to buy counterfeit v1@grA

Shoot. I bet the OP could have told us the solution to the Publius Enigma as well.

contests in preserved
facial science cows nearly
always have make up

AND the cows are so proud and dignified that they always make sure to have time to do their make up before people with bows and arrows come to kill them! Indeed, I could learn from those well-organised cows. :smiley:

The cattle
in Seattle
have plastic surgeons fix their wattle.