Continuity Errors On A Hot Tin Roof

I was watching Cat On A Hot Tin Roof recently (I couldn’t make up my mind - Paul Newman or Elizabeth Taylor - both looked so good in that film I finally decided I do them both), and noticed a whale of a continuity error.

After Big Daddy confronts Brick about his drinking, Brick goes outside in the pouring rain and gets in the car to leave the plantation. Big Daddy comes out after him and learns that he’s got terminal cancer. Brick gets stuck in the mud and Elizabeth Taylor comes out to get him back into the house. Brick breaks his crutch in the door (oh, what symbolism!). Both PN and ET are literally soaked to the skin. A hurricane is practically ragin around them.

The very next scene is in the house and Big Daddy has gone down into the basement to consider that he’s going to die (“Of mendacity!”). Cut to the scene upstairs where everyone’s wondering what the hell is going on and here comes ET down the stairs, perfectly coiffed, makeup looking stunning, and dry as the Sahara.

Now either they have really, really good dry cleaners, hair dressers, and makeup artists on staff at the “richest 28,000 acres of land this side of the Mississippi” or the continuity person was out sick.

What’s the big continuity error you found?

Mendacity, mendacity, mendacity.

The most obvious one I can think of is in Jurasic Park, when they fall down a cliff that wasn’t there a moment ago into the T. Rex pen.

The recent remake of Stepford Wives was one huge continuity error: Are they robots? Or the same women with brain surgery? They’re both! Or neither!

[Joel Hodgson] “They just. Didn’t. Care.” [/Joel Hodgson]

Thanks, I just saw that on TV and what a mess. I guess they were all brain-modified women except for the one guy who…uh…really was a robot.

The boob-growing with the remote control, I dunno how that was supposed to happen. Always nice to see Roger Bart, though.

From the movie Equilibrium:

He takes the gun from the other cleric after he shoots the cops in the bombed out ruins area. As such, there’s no way it can be the weapon he used. Someone fucked up in editing.

Glenn Close’s rapid wardrobe changes in Jagged Edge. So rapid that her suit changes color and style during the same cross examination sequence.

There’s also the infamous dinner scene in Pretty Woman where the desserts keep apearing and disappearing.

Not a glaring one, but in The Wrath of Khan, Khan says he remembers Chekov, but Chekov’s character hadn’t been added to the original series when Khan’s character appeared.

There’s also the incorrect number of replicants mentioned in the police station in Bladerunner.