Continuity! -or- Which is more pathetic?

In US Marshalls, broadcast last night, a foot chase began in a graveyard in Queens, crossed a railroad in Chicago, and continued, supposedly, in Queens.

The railroad was recognizably in the Chicago area because:

  1. The train was painted in Metra’s colors.
  2. The old Chicago and North Western Railroad, now owned by the UP and whose tracks are used by Metra, was/is a “left-handed” railroad (like British roads are “left-handed”), with the trains operating on the tracks opposite of those used by most American railroads, which ride on the right (in both senses of the word) side of the railroad.

So, which is more pathetic, that I noticed it or that I felt I had to share it with you?

that was some chase. did they look app. tired and winded?

What’s more pathetic, the person who points out how pathetic he is, or the teeming millions who respond?


I can top that. In The Jackal, Richard Gere chases Bruce Willis from a lawn on the outskirts of Washington, on foot, all the way to… Radisson metro station in Montreal.

That’s a pretty good jog for a couple of guys who could be younger and skinnier.