Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor

I’ve only ever heard this term used jokingly in informal settings. Is it something that really exists on the lawbooks?

If so, how is it applied- is it subjective or are there very definitely defined actions that would fall under this charge? Could a person be charged with this alone or is it usually tacked on when other offences have been comitted?

I just realized I wrote “definitely defined”. I am embarrasedly embarrassed.

Your location may be different but the US “Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor” may be spported by direct evidence or as an additional charge combined with other specific charges.

Suplying a child with cigarettes and or alcholic beverages would be reason for charging as well as lack of parental supervision or neglect.

There’s a good reason for this law: Minors who commit crimes may face lighter sentences than adults, so adults can have minors commit the actual crime with their help. The DC snipers are a good example: the 17-year-old could have been charged as a minor, and faced lighter sentences than the adult, who would have walked without his “contributions” to the crime.

Another typical example, using a juvenile to transport drugs or other contraband.