Controlling Two PC's

I have two PC’s connected through a Linksys router. I do have a KVM switch that let’s me use one monitor & mouse with both PC’s.

Is there any software that would let me see what’s going on in the PC that does not have the monitor hooked up to it? I’m thinking of somethig where you have two windows on one desktop where I can simply make one window active refresh the other PC instead of actually switching through the KVM.

Yes. Several packages exist. Assuming you don’t mind something with security flaws, a free option is VNC.

If you are willing to part with some money and want a safer, higher-performance option I can reccomend the following, all of which I use at work:
PCAnywhere, RemotelyAnywhere and RAdmin.

A remote control program like PCAnywhere is what you want. Its not all that cheap, perhaps someone can suggest a shareware or freeware alternative.

What OS are they running? If it’s Windows XP Pro it is very simple.

-Open System properties (one can right click on My Computer and click ‘Properties’)
-Click the remote tab and check “Remote Desktop,” and configure it as you like.
-On the other computer (which can be running anything above Win 98) run Remote Desktop Connection (usually can be accessed through Start>Programs>Accessories>Communications>Remote Desktop Connection or can be installed via Add/Remove Windows Components or downloaded here.), and you will have a window or full screen of the other desktop that can perform almost anything the regular computer can.

I’ll let the next 20 posters tell you about how’ll you’ll need to install ZoneAlarm, still be hacked, and need to rewrite your hard drive entirley with 0s.

Damn, I’m using Win XP home edition.

I tried using ZoneAlarm when I set up my network but it wouldn’t work. The PC’s would not connect to each other. Ire moved it and it’s been working fine. The Lynksys router has a firewall. Wouldn’t ZoneAlarm be redundant?

Yet another reason why XP Home sucks.

Remote desktop is great. I use it all the time. no more paying for KVM switches, which only work on two machines that are physically close together. with Remote desktop , you can access any PC running winXP Pro or win2K server (with terminal services installed) right over the internet (assuming you have a username and password, and the machine is not behind a firewall)

Thanks for the info, RAdmin is pretty cheap.

As for winXP Pro, it’ll have to wait until I buy a new PC and fool MS into giving me three separate authentication codes…