Controversial lifestyles

How you phrase responses. :wink:

Saving an important species from arbitrary destruction to study it and maybe some exclusive rights for somebody, or just nuking it from orbit.

Anything at all having to do with sex and relationships.

Whether or not (autism, hyperactivity, dyslexia, multiple personalities, etc etc) is real / fake or overdiagnosed

Obese parents with obese kids.
Parents allowing their kids to drink or do drugs, especially if the parents are the suppliers.
BDSM relationships, especially male top/female bottom.
Teen pregnancies or abortions.
Parents naked in front of kids.
Marriages with a large age difference.
Women having kids later in life.

The discussion is fine. The pictures are really really ugly.

Wait - what? Parents shouldn’t be naked in front of their kids? I’ve never even heard of this. Don’t people take their kids to the pool and shower/change with them? Or have a bath together?


Eating at the Olive Garden

I think the debate is (as per a current thread) at what age is it no longer appropriate for parents to be naked in front of kids.

I would only consider less than half of what has been thrown out…a lifestyle. Most are just choices made during your life that are not everyday.

Dryer lint.

*quel horreur * :eek::eek::eek:

Celibacy. No, I do not miss having sex.

Goreans. OK, you want to do Lifestyle S&M, bully for you. But Jesus Motherfucking Christ, don’t base it on such BAD SF!

As far as life styles go ours often seems to be somewhat polarizing.
We live full time in a class A motor home (looks sort of like a bus) and travel around the country going where we wish when we wish. We have done this for almost 8 years.
The two main reactions people have to this are: they think it’s a great idea and wish they could do it or say they could never give up their - house, yard, garden, grand kids, etc - and they think we are weird.

Both parents working -vs- having a stay at home parent.


Apple products vs. everything else

…you’d be surprised how fast such conversations spiral.

Nuh uh!


Apparently, douching…

Alrighty then…you asked for controversial lifestyles, I’ll give you a discussion on controversial lifestyles…:eek:

(riiiip)( pops tab on biggest can of worms she has)

Okay dopers…who should transsexuals be allowed to marry?

My answer would be “The consenting adult of their choice.”:smiley:

Do male-to-females get to marry men, women, both, nobody?
Female-to-males, what sex do they get to marry? None? still female? other men?

And what about people who ID as Bi-gendered? They are out there, you know. What about the intersexed?

What about those intersexed people who had their parents “select” their sex surgically as an infant…but-ooops!-mom and dad were wrong! Now you’ve grown up a woman in a man’s body, and you hate it! Or vice versa. Or you should have been both.
What about them?