Controversial lifestyles

What are some lifestyles out there that people either strongly agree with or strongly disagree with?

I’ve come up with…

Drug Usage
Cat declawing
When one weens their kid from bottles, pacifiers, etc.
Eating too much junk food
Hunting as a hobby, rather than for survival
Interracial dating
Having a sugar daddy
Overspending money on nice things

cat people vs dog people
Republicans (I keed. a little.)

The religious and the non-religious alike.

Might as well get it out of the way.


Weddings and holidays: you want to marry someone who takes these exactly as seriously as you do if at all possible.

Kids. To have or not. (plus sub-divisions: older parents, can sterilization be reversed, kids vs. longtime pets, biological clock going off after years of happy childless marriage)…

Vegetarianism (especially if it’s because you are very serious about animal rights, or especially if you go full on vegan)
Being “Quiverfull” (the Duggars type of lifestyle)
Anti-vaccination fanatics
Teen moms/Single motherhood (as evidenced by recent threads here)

It’s amazing to me how much controversy there is about stuff like breastfeeding v. bottlefeeding and circumcision v. not circumcising. Even if you think that breastfeeding is better, I don’t really get how some people kind of totally flip their shit about something like someone choosing to bottlefeed their kid. I think it is because there is a significant portion of females who carry a “mean girls” attitude into adulthood and enjoy being judgmental of other women’s choices about parenting. On messageboards of moms, conversations about these sorts of parenting topics can get incredibly vicious and mean-spirited.

Strictly indoor cats vs. roaming felines.

Around here, mentioning that you enjoy drinking a Bud, Coors or Pabst on occasion as opposed to only drinking the most obscure micro-brews or uber exotic imports known to man…

Wanting or getting more than a couple of tattoos? Or really large/obvious ones?

Well, recent threads have revealed some visceral reactions to homosexuality and group marriage, though actually more consensus on the latter (not a problem) than you might have guessed.

Judging by my time on this board, almost all of them and some of them that you wouldn’t expect. I mean that seriously.

See my notorious pit thread of someone ordering milk in a bar meltdown for just one example. There are bunches of simple things people feel really strongly about and can cause fights and break relationships. Much of the time, the example given is shorthand for something else but not always. My ex MIL always got along and still do but my father was a gun dealer and she was raised a nice Canadian girl. The closest we ever came to a few fights were always based on off-hand comments about guns even though there weren’t any around. OTOH, there are married couples who have a fundamentally outlook such as the Democrat strategist James Carville and his wife, the Republican commentator who seem to do just fine. Toilet paper hanging can trigger a divorce in some families and others get along being devout members of different religions.

I literally saw a fight where police were called over a Chevy versus Ford debate once and that was a good thing because the situation was getting out of hand quickly.

Shoes on/off in the house.

TV - harmless timewasting entertainment and a topic of conversation at work the next day? Or - we don’t even own a TV! (I know a couple where the wife is glued to the tube, and her husband watches nothing but the local news, if he stays up that late. They’ve reached a detente over the years, but she can discuss the finer points of True Blood and Mad Men when they have guests over, and he…well, he knows what the weather will be like tomorrow.)

Pubic hair trimming/waxing/shaving. That discussion can get really, really ugly.

The cap on the toothpaste tube.
Toilet seat.
Acceptable house tidiness level.
Dog tail docking.
Bicycles vs cars.

Toilet paper flap: over or under.

Having large families, ala the Duggars. Or making one’s family into a reality TV show.

How, precisely, you have your baby. See also: breastfeeding.

Should be “front” or “back”–the paper hangs from the top/distended by the side of the roll either way.