Controversy II: Son of Popsicle Box.

A little while ago I started a thread about my ethical misgivings concerning my box made of Popsicle sticks. I have solved this dilemma by calling it a treasure chest and filling it with treasure. But, as I continue to build inventory for this yet-to-be-opened Etsy, I have run into another dilemma: orgone.

Thing is, I can make pretty pyramid paperweights and I can fill these with metal shavings and crystals-- heck, I’ve embedded as much and more into resin regularly- but, if I call the paperweights orgone energy pyramids or the non-trianglular ones Tower Busters, I can sell them for double or even triple the price. The problem for me is, well, this orgone nonsense is bullshit.

Then I think about how I will sell wands. I love making them and creating whole backstories about them and including these fanciful backstories in the selling of these wands. I feel not a qualm about selling bullshit wands. The difference between the wands and the crystal pyramids is that the people buying the pyramids actually believe in their power.

So the question is: Should I sell paperweights or ‘energy pyramids’?

Meh, it’s not like you’re selling them drugs.

People’s lives aren’t getting ruined over buying “BS” crystals. Plus I’m sure these people buying these crystals know that mainstream science says they are nonsense.

I’d say do what works best.

I think I’d stop short of saying they have “healing” powers or whatever though.

What? I don’t understand a word of this!

Two to three times the price, you say? If you sell them as paperweights, someone will buy them and resell them as energy pyramids. Cut out the middle man.

I wouldn’t make any claims about them, but then I wouldn’t have to. Calling them Orgonite Energy Pyramids implies that they have healing powers and that Tower Busters will protect you from electricity in all its forms. P.S., I would put in the crystals and metals as per, um, the Energy Crystal Gods(?). I wouldn’t want to cheat my customers.

Would your pyramids be any less effective than the “genuine” Orgonite pyramids? If not, I don’t see a problem. :wink:

You’re not making a bogus claim, you’re merely piggybacking on someone else’s bogus claim.

I didn’t see any problem at all with your Birch boxes. They were made out of Birch.

I understand your feelings about the pyramids, but it’s not illegal, and as Telemark said if you don’t make any specific claims yourself it’s not exactly immoral, but it is a tad shady. As shady as tons of other products sold? Well, nowhere near many of them. If you’re charging the going price for energy pyramids you might as well go for it. I do not see how anyone will be harmed. Your customers will buy someone else’s energy pyramid if they don’t buy yours.

Dude, you need a pyramid. It will clarify your thoughts. I promise (kinda).:wink:

Agreed. I would feel no guilt calling them energy pyramids. You are giving them exactly what they think they are buying. Your birch boxes had the risk of someone feeling deceived, but that risk doesn’t exist here.

Call them “energy pyramids” and note “also useful as a paperweight.”

How could birch boxes made out of birch deceive anyone?

I encourage you to read the other thread, where it was discussed pretty exhaustively. Several people said they would find it deceptive. I don’t know why you don’t believe them when they say how they would view it, and I don’t think it needs rehashing in this thread.

I make dream catchers. As far as I know, they don’t actually catch dreams, but they are beautiful and are often soothing, especially to children.

I applaud your morality and honesty; these are rare. But I don’t see a problem with calling your creations by a common name in order to raise your profit.

Suggestion: Call them “energy pyramids”, but always put it in quotes.

How do you make a healing crystal out of popsicle sticks? :confused:


I don’t know, **how do you **make a healing crystal out of popsicle sticks?