Convertible top question

It’s making me a little nutso.

I’m a little anal about my car. 2000 Mustang convert, silver w/black top and interior. It’s washed at least once a week in spring/summer/fall, and as often as I can get space in a buddy’s shop in winter.

I can’t get the top clean. I’ve used warm water, car wash soap and several kinds of brushes and sponges but there are still two strips of brown dirt along the seams that run from the windsheild header to the rear window. The rest of the top looks great. The fabric is vinyl with an embossed canvas weave finish, and the dirt seems to be worked into the finish.

So… Anybody had a similar problem and found something that works? I’ll be in the driveway…

There is a cleaner made just for convertible tops, but alas, it’s been 10 years since I owned a ragtop so I don’t recall the name. It will take considerable effort with a brush to get all the gunge out of your top. Also, the stuff will muck up your paint job with greasy residue so be sure to wash the top first and THEN the body.

Can you give me a ride to school?

You think you have problems now, just waith until the neighborhood cats start sleeping on your top. Mine’s canvas (Cambria[sup]TM[/sup], actually) and getting the fur out is a nightmare.

I’ve used Simple Green on my convertible tops and it has worked wonders for me when used in conjunction with a stiff brush and plenty of elbow grease. YMMV.

Just got back a few days ago from another road trip and I now have a few good things to try. Went to SW Missouri to visit my wife’s sister and her husband. Huge bugs filled with yellow goo that dries to a really nasty crust. [Thankfully, armadillos don’t fly.] The top is the least of my problems.

Chas.E, I seem to remember seeing some specific top cleaner too. Time for a trip to O’Reilly’s. Not to worry, I learned how to wash a car back in my car club days - top to bottom, keep it all wet until ready to dry.

JillGat, only if you will explain it to my wife…

sewalk, the cats aren’t a problem unless they figure out the code to the garage door. [sub]Though I wouldn’t put it past a couple of them[/sub]

THespos, I’ll try the simple green if I don’t find a dedicated cleaner.

Thanks again, all…