Converting bitmaps to jpeg's and gif's

is something I just don’t know how to do. I think there must be a way but for the life of me I can’t figure it out. How do I convert a picture I made in PC Paintbrush on Windows 95 into jpeg or a gif format?

      • You can’t, with that program. It don’t do it, it only saves in bitmap format. Paint Shop Pro will, if you download the demo. (The demo works for 30 days, assuming you don’t save a copy of your registry before installing it) - MC
      • No, wait — that’s the old one. I don’t got it to check.
  • Paint only saves in bitmap format; when you click the “save as” drop-down box, bitmaps are all it lists, because that’s all there is and that’s all it will do. So probably, if bitmaps are all it lists, then that’s all there is and that’s all you can do (with that program). ~ Paint Shop Pro 7 (for example) lists 32 different formats. - MC

Thanks MC. I’ll have a look for a demo version of Paintshop Pro

You may also want to get Irfanview, an essential bit of freeware for graphics.

I like this product:

there’s a free download; it converts almost any format to any.

I gotta chime in here.
Paint Shop Pro is an exceptional shareware program. It handles around 35 graphic formats and easily converts between them.
The unregistered version comes fully functional, sans documentation.
The registration fee(around $70-$80 several versions ago) gets you the documentation.
The latest versions automatically become disabled after 30 days to persuade you to register them, and as MC pointed out before, normal reinstallation is ineffective.
HOWEVER, I am currently(let me check…) on day number 428 of my 30 day free trial period.
How did I achieve this nifty workaround? Simple, I am using version 3.0, which predates the built-in disabling function.

I’m using PSP 7.00. The splash screen states…

…and I can still load/edit/save pics.

I use Imagoweb; imagoWEB.html
Its freeware and pretty easy to use too. It has a ton more options apart from converting between formats.

Hey guys… I have 98SE on my box here at work, and my MS Paint program can save as .bmp, .gif, or .jpg. I can open a bitmap with it and just save it as a .jpg. I do highly recommend IrfanView though.


I have MS Paint on my Windows 95 work machine, and it will only save bitmaps. I have MS Paint on my Windows 98 PC at home, and it will save as GIF or JPEG.

PSP is up to version 7 now and comes with Animation Shop 3. Registration is around $100. I started with version 4, which came with my scanner, IIRC. For some reason, the version 4 I have won’t do GIFs, which is why I downloaded 7. I also have some Adobe “special edition” software that came with some of my other hardware. I like PSP better because of the browse function.

Starting with Cairo, (early Win98), Paint will let you export as GIF or JPEG. The Escher (drawing) engine for the Win32 platform was improved to make it much easier to change between raster graphic formats, so we offered it for free in Paint. However, PaintShop Pro is one of the greatest software programs ever created, and that’s what everyone should use for graphic exporting.

Have you tried using “Rename” from the context menu and just typing in “.jpg” instead of “.bmp”?

Just kidding folks!

For the Macintosh, the best shareware graphics program (IMHO) is GraphicConverter from Lemke software. Does pretty much the same thing as PaintShop Pro, and it’s only US$ 35!

Note: I am not affiliated with Lemke Software and do not profit in any way from the sale of Graphic Converter.