Converting pressure-cooker recipe to crockpot or stovetop

My husband wants to make this chili recipe to take to a tailgate tomorrow, but we don’t have a pressure cooker. Would it be okay to make it as directed up until the pressure cooker point and then just throw it in a crockpot on low for 8 hours, or cook it on the stovetop?

Pressure cookers accelerate tenderizing, cooking, and sterilization. You can make the chili in a crock pot, but need the cooking time increased, which is something you’ll have to guess at. Eight hours seems like too long. You can of course cook it in a pan on the stove.

I think it would be fine in the crock, maybe delay adding the tortilla chips until the last hour? CHoose anytime in the crock to cook, that’s up to your schedule.

Brown the meat ahead of time to ensure it’s cooked through, then throw everything together in the crock pot. Stir frequently. If it starts congealing, then add water. It’s best to keep the temperature as low as possible, and keep the lid on if you can.