Converting Super 8 to DVD

I saw something on TV a while back about converting old film to digital media. It showed how common methods for converting old film to digital media don’t retain the full colors of the original, and a great deal of the image quality (I know that term is relative) is lost. It also mentioned some methods that are superior and that retain most of the coloring and quality of the original film. I cannot remember any more detail than that.

I now find my family in the possession of 135 reels of Super 8 film left behind by my grandfather. The reels cover years from 1957 to 1981. This film includes images of my father as a child, as well as my sisters and me as children. We really want to make sure we preserve it digitally in the best method possible.

Does anyone have any recommendations as to vendors or shops that might offer more professional, better quality film transfer services?

Thank you,


Several months ago I got three rolls of my great-uncles 8mm movies from the 1940’s transfered to DVD. I used and was happy with the job they did.