Convince me that the world isn't controled in secret by a small group of people.

I was going for “Put this one to rest for me: Convince me that the world isn’t controled in secret by a small group of people.” but the amount of space for a thread title is woefully short in today’s world of 1680x1050 monitors being fairly common. (And a bit more on my 1920x1200 monitor)

Anyway, this thread, which posted this video has certainly given me food for thought.

But it is fairly obviously a ‘conspiracy theory’ and I have learned to be suspicious of conspiracy theories. So I implore you to explain to me why this particular CT is just as tinfoilhat as the rest of them.

You can’t because from my listening too it while googling the things he says seem to be fact so far. Stringing together facts to make it all sound bad doesn’t make it true if you know what I mean. Just makes it hard to debunk. I’m in about 1 hour but I am getting sick of googling while listening. Maybe later into it they say something proven to be untrue if I stick to it anyway.

Rest easy though, IMHO, even if bankers controlled the world they have a vested interest in keeping money rolling wouldn’t they? :slight_smile:

Within thirty seconds of the opening titles the video made at least two significant implication that were both glaringly false:

  1. The narrator asks why “so many people NOW are working… at low paying, dead end jobs.” The implication is that this was not always so. However, it’s rather obvious that it HAS always been so; dead end jobs are pretty much the expected outcome of most people’s lives and always have been.

  2. The narrator implies that inflation is worse than ever by saying bread once cost a quarter and a car could be bought for $1995. Only a damned fool would forget the corresponding facts that when a new car cost $1995, the average annual wage was about $5500. Jesus.

Beyond that, I mean, come on. “We had a congressman who wanted to appear, but he didn’t, though we did apparently break into his office to show a picture of his empty chair. Because he was AFRAID!!!”

Then later the video claims that the Founding Fathers were wary of central banks because the Bank of England had run up dent so high that Britain was forced to levy “unfair” taxes against the American colonies. That’s absurd; the taxes levied on U.S. colonies were much lower than what the British paid and were miniscule in the grand scheme of things. It’s akin to claiming that a property tax hike in Louisville was taken for the purpose of retiring the U.S. national debt.

At 15 minutes in, Jesus references begin.

At 16 minutes in the video explains that 200 years before Christ, “Two Roman emperors had tried” to reform usury laws, but were assassinated. Well, I guess they wouldn’t have gotten very far, anyway, seeing as how 200 years before Christ, Rome did not have any emperors, because it was a republic, for fuck’s sake.

Sorry, I can’t do this for three and a half hours.

What the doc seems to be saying is that they have a vested interest in allowing recessions and booms. In other words they are the ones who decide whether I feel like ending my life or feel like celebrating. And whichever way they lean, as far as I as an individual is concerned, is random.

I see I was googling the wrong things. :slight_smile: I was googling the quotes from Jefferson/Franklin etc.

Easy. It’s self evident…It isn’t a secret.

Actually, I have no incentive to convince you it isn’t. I don’t give a rat’s butt if you believe this, so long as you do not bore and irritate me by talking about it.

Meant in kindness and not necessarily directed at Lobsang, for whom I suspect it’s mainly an academic exercise. But the general principle is, someone who’s propounding a nutcase idea has the burden of proof to convince me it’s true. I’m sure not going to sign on for the frustration of trying to prove a negative to him, knowing that A) proving such is likely impossible, B) nutcase wouldn’t accept proof anyway, and C) I don’t care what nutcase believes so long as I don’t have to hear about it.

if the world was being controled by a a small group of people in secret, they certainly are doing a poor job of it. If you can control all the world’s finances why would you need a trillion dollar bailout?

I see no evidence to suggest that anyone is in control of the world.
Maybe it’s me!

“The world is controlled in secret by a small group of people.”

I’m not prepared to believe that.

“The world is controlled in semi-secret by a medium-sized group of loosely-affiliated or non-affiliated people with quite different aims, and that there’s no evil grand plan, but it’s not pretty either.”

I’d be inclined to give that idea a fair run in my mind.

In other words, CEOs yes. Opus Dei, Jewish community, Freemasons, etc? no.

Anything above 1280x1024 is actually hugely uncommon. This may account for your distorted view of the world if you actually believe the world is run by a small group of people.

Well, the world *is *run, somewhat clandestinely, by a relatively small group of people. But it’s certainly not a world-wide conspiracy, and it there is certainly no master plan. It’s just rich and powerful people, individually and in groups, exerting their considerable influence to advance their own interests, with no especial foresight about the wider implications of their actions. This is how the world has always been and will always be run.

Ah. This is obviously some new definition of the word “run” I wasn’t previously aware of.

Well, without having watched the video in question, (I know, I know, but I just can’t be bothered today) I was simply giving a somewhat facetious answer as to how the world works. I’m not a conspiracy theorist. I don’t give people that much credit.

Even still, your answer 1) implies a lot more than a small group of people run everything and 2) just looking out for their own self interests, which is not “running” anything.