"Cooba" Gooding, Jr. ? Really?

I had the TV tuned to FOXNews the other day (I watch it for the sociological and entertainment value) and it was airing the “Huckabee Show”. On it, he had Cuba Gooding Jr featured as his special guest for the hour. However, when he announced his guest’s name, he called him Cooba Gooding Jr.

Now all long as I can remember, I have heard his name referred to as Cube-ah Gooding Jr (Cuba like the country). When I first heard Huckabee say his name this strange way, I just thought maybe it was a bit of a blurb and it was just a one-time mistake. But over and over again, even after Cuba had come onstage for the interview, he kept calling him “Cooba”. And Cuba didn’t seem to even bat an eye.

And later on that day I saw a 15 sec Fox promo ad for the Huckabee interview with Mr. Gooding, and even the voice-over annoucer guy was calling him “Cooba”. :confused: Have I just been mistaken all these years in thinking this actor’s name was pronounced like the country? Or is FoxNews just weird like that?

I’ve never heard it pronounced any other way except Cooba.

Really? So it is just me then! I had a feeling that was the case when Mr. Gooding wasn’t reacting in any sort of disturbed way at that pronunciation of his name:p However, it was FoxNews, so I didn’t know if maybe there was a little bit of Usama=Osama going on there or what.

I don’t get it. Were you suggesting that FoxNews was mispronouncing Mr Gooding’s name, and that he simply rolled with that punch? (FTR, the FBI likewise renders bin Laden’s first name as “Usama.”)

Don’t get me *started *on “Rafe Fines.”

I’m pretty sure the country is more properly pronounced “cooba”.

I agree. That’s how it was pronounced here when he was in that film with Tom Cruise.

Depends on what language you’re speaking.

I didn’t think it too likely, but I thought perhaps Mr. Gooding was just being polite on the show and didn’t want to make an issue of the matter.

It’s not just you; I thought his name was pronounced “Cyooba” too.

I thought “Cyooba” was the standard English (as opposed to Spanish) pronunciation.

I think I’ve heard both, but I think I would say Cooba Gooding, Jr. if I had to.

I definitely say Cyoobah for the country though, even though in Spanish it is pronounced Coobah.

Countries are called different things in different languages. It’s not mispronunciation.

His grandfather was born in Barbados and fled to Cuba then emigrated to NYC. His father Cuba Gooding Sr, was named after the country (and also made some great music with The Main Ingredient). Which is pronounced ‘Cooba’ by people who speak Spanish.

As far as I can tell, Jr is fine with both pronunciations.

He says Cuba-like-the-country when he refers to his dad.


That’s not pronouncing it Cuba-like-the-country. That’s pronouncing it Cuba-like-Speakers-of-English.

Yep. I’ve only heard it pronounced that way at least as far back as when he was in Jerry Maguire in 1996.

I found in this place, a link to an Oscar ceremony when Cuba get an Oscar.
He thanks his dad and pronounces it “cue-ba” at 00:51..

I think it settles the correct pronunciation issue. Also, the confusion is so common that there shouold be no issue with Huckabee’s pronunciation.

In my head he was always coo-ba, but its the my Spanish languange influence.

See three posts above yours.

Can I claim temporary insaninty or the fifth? :smack::smack::smack:

I bet you can’t say Gooba Gooding, Jr. 5 times really fast.

Can we meet halfway and describe it as Cuba-like-the-country-when-described-by-Speakers-of-English? :smiley: