Cooked sausages not sold

Whilst you can get most meats sold in raw and cooked form in packaged supermarket products how come except for Frankfurters you dont see sausages sold as cooked and packaged. Always seen as raw. Atleast in the UK.

Here in the US we can get sausage sold cooked—including smoked sausage, Polish sausage, breakfast links & patties, and, as you mention, frankfurters (aka wieners or hot dogs).

And ironically, you can’t find uncooked sausage in the US.

Sure you can get cooked sausages here - like these, or these

Sure you can. Grocery stores commonly have uncooked bratwurst and Italian sausage.

You need to expand your shopping. Every grocery store I go to has uncooked sausage. Not just bratwurst or Italian, but breakfast sausage, link, etc.

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Not to mention uncooked bulk sausage.

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We’re fond of Aidells sausages - also cooked. Had them last night. You can find them in Costco also.
Ditto for the uncooked sausage mentioned above. We uses some of our plentiful zucchini in Italian sausage and zucchini dishes.

Raw sausages (need to be thoroughly cooked before consuming) and prepared sausages (can be eaten right out of the package, if you are a gross person) are available everywhere. What are you on about?

Huh? Next time you go to the grocery store, check the meat counter. You’ll find them either there or wherever they have all the prepackaged steaks, ground beef, chicken etc.

I wish it was easier to find bulk chorizo. Most places sell it in the casing, but I always take it out.

After being frustrated for years by over-the-counter sausage, I’ve started making my own bulk Italian and breakfast sausage. It’s dead easy, especially if you buy the ground pork instead of grinding it yourself (and forgo the casings), and you can season it to your own tastes.

A couple of years ago I found ones similar to those in Mangetout’s links in the meat cabinet of an Aussie supermarket . I bought a pack to try them and they were pretty good. Never saw them again.

Nowadays I can find Mexican chorizo (uncooked) at any grocery store, but Spanish chorizo (cooked) is nowhere to be found. I suppose I could order it off the internet, but it would be nice to just grab some when I’m out shopping rather than make a plan in advance and pay shipping costs. That’s about the only kind of sausage I find the OP is correct about. In the US at least.

Also, check the labels and see if there are brats or other sausages marked “Precooked”. They’re still meant to be thrown on a grill (or in a pan), but there’s no danger of eating undercooked meat.

Just got back from Trader Joe’s. Precooked bratwurst, and lots of raw italian sausages, brats, and seasoned chicken sausages (tasty, but with less than a quarter of the fat).

I’ve been making my own bulk. Stuffing casings isn’t worth the effort. I just be getting the casings from the butcher shop that has perfectly good sausage already made.

Just make your own!

Red chile powder means something like Ancho powder, guajillo powder or maybe red hatch powder.

No cinnamon or cloves? I’m sure it varies a lot by region, but I’m so used to those being a key component of the flavor. The problem I have is that the ground pork I find around here is usually too finely ground and too lean for my tastes. My bulk sausage never tastes right with the already ground pork. I should just see if they’ll grind shoulder medium to coarse for me.

The market a block from us sells coarse-ground pork shoulder, which is perfect for sausage at about 20% fat. Any butcher who calls himself a butcher will be happy to grind up whatever you want and at the coarseness you want.

And you’re right on about the cinnamon and cloves.