Cookeville, TN--Anyone been there or heard of it?

I am going to school at Tennessee Technological University in Cookeville, TN. This is such a small town, I was wondering if anyone has ever heard of it, or if anyone has been here, or is here now for that matter. I would love to get together with people if they are nearby.

Heard of it. Been there a couple of times(am I right in remembering that it’s between Nashville and Knoxville, or am I thinking of another town? hmmmm…time to check the map…yep, I was right)

I lived in Nashville for a while, and I grew up in Chattanooga, but now I’m down a bit further south, in Atlanta. :slight_smile:

Used to go there a few times when visiting Nashville on route to Hopkinsville, KY.
But I’m in NoVA now.

I’ve heard of it but never went there. I used to get advertisements from a real estate agent there.

Been there plenty of times–used to live in Knoxville. Have an uncle who lives there. And did you know…? I don’t know about now, but three or four years ago, when one sent off for information about joining the French Foreign Legion, it was sent to Cookeville. I imagine a small printing plant or something is there which packages their recruitment flyers, etc.


Well, I’m here in Nashville. Been here for almost 5 months now… I’ve heard of Cookeville but don’t know anything about it. I checked MapQuest just to see how far away it is.

What really surprised me was the little town to the northwest of Cookeville which apparently is called “Nameless.” Or is MapQuest playing a trick on me?

I’ve heard of Cookeville and TTU; I used to teach at a college in NE TN. But I’m up in MD now.

I’ve heard of it and been there. I’m in Johnson City, which isn’t too far away from there. (I’m outside Johnson City so I’m actually a little closer.)

Isn’t that where The Bean Pot is? Or is that Crossville?


I’ve been to Bean Station, too. One of the crossroads of the civilized world.


I have friends in Cookeville, or at least that’s the last place they moved.

Tennessee Tech graduate here, back a few years though. It’s changed a bit for the better since then. Still a good place to go to school. A nice small town type atmosphere, low crime, but it’s still large enough to have most everything you’ll need. If you’re used to a large city, it’ll seem like the middle of nowhere, but Nashville isn’t too far away. Check out the TTU website, it’s got local information too. If you’ve got any specific questions, I’ll see if I can help. Best wishes.

Well, it does look as if Cookeville is a little known town. I am not surprised by that at all. I can understand why no one is here now! If it wasn’t for my boyfriend, I wouldn’t be here either. The town is nice and so is the university, but I do feel like I am in the middle of nowhere. I am from Springfield, Va, close to DC, so I miss lots of things like good chinese food, or chinese delivery period!

Who lives close and wants to get together?