Cookies on your face?

When, why, and how did the (presumably) registered trademark HYDROX go from being a cookie to a skin cream? (The cookies are now called “Droxies”) AFAIK the products aren’t related - at least I don’t think the white stuff from the cookies is in the skin cream.

From US Airways in flight magazine Attache, Feb 2000 in an article titled ‘In The Dough’ by Rebecca Gray:

Two unrelated products can share the same name though. The Zyban I sell is a horticultural fungicide. The Zyban one would take to help quit smoking is Wellbutrin.

Well, they didn’t ask me).

Hydrox is a name for all that is good and noble in a sandwich cookie; the epitome of chocolate and cream.

Droxie sounds like something you’d call a whore in a 18th century novel.

Anyone who’d prefer the latter to the former is probably a “DoubleStuf” eater to begin with.

Hey, that’s reminds me of the reason why I stopped eating Dove Bars…when I found out they were 98% cleansing cream.:wink: