Cooking grunion

How do you prepare a grunion? I assume it’s cleaned like any other fish (chop off the head and fins, scoop out the guts, scrape off the scales). How are they cooked? Coated in flour and deep fried? Pan fried in butter?

When is the next grunion run?

Here’s a recipe for grunion and string beans that sounds tasty. It calls for only ONE grunion, though. I don’t remember that they were that big of a fish.

This site says “Grunion runs in California are legendary. Between March and August, during the spring tides, 2-3 days after the new and full moons, the grunions come ashore in the thousands to lay their eggs. They time their arrival right after the peak of the high high tide. That way, they insure that their eggs will have sufficient time to develop before the next spring tides arrive some 10-14 days later.”

Yer makin. me homesick, Mr L.A.

I’m sorry, I don’t know. I only opened this thread because I like to say the word ‘grunion’.

I was under the impression that grunion were very small, and that you just cut off their heads and ate the rest of 'em. 'Course, I don’t actually know.


And here I thought grunions were color-coordinated herbs.

I haven’t seen one since I was a kid, but IIRC they’re about 6-8 inches long.

The grunion is the bit that connects the doodad to the whatsit, right?