"Cooking with Kurma"

Many moons ago, I posted about a vegetarian cooking show I used to watch on PBS. I couldn’t remember the name of the host, even. My fellow SDMB netizens tried to help out, but I had so few clues (I hadn’t seen the show in 5-7 years or thereabouts and couldn’t remember very much about it at all LOL) that my attempt to find out more (or anything really) about the show failed.

Today, however, on another message board, someone mentioned this show, and immediately I knew that Kurma was the one! :cool: Now I’m going to see if I can get a couple of his cookbooks.

Just thought I’d share this, in case anyone remembers me asking about this show.

Kurma Dasa’s an Aussie, and his cookbooks are quite superb. My wife used to be a vego and I cooked extensively from his Great Vegetarian Dishes. Unless you’re of his faith, consider using onions and/or garlic rather than the asiphotita (sp?) he always lists in his recipes. If you want the powder you can find it in the Indian section of the supermarket.

Thanks for the tip, hawthorne. I used to wonder wth the asafatida powder was, because he used it in nearly every recipe (including some desserts, I think!). Yes, I’d use onions & garlic instead. Still, many of his recipes are quite good vegetarian stuff, IIRC.

Thanks again. I was a bit over-excited about (re)-discovering Kurma last night. :smiley: