Cooks! And I have a burning question!

First of all…does anyone know a good, active message board for cooks? I love to cook, I’m good at it, but I always have questions and problems that I want to go over with other cooks.

Secondly, my current obsession is this:

I love corn dogs. yeah, I know they are evil food that will lodge in your heart someday, but I love 'em anyway. I live in California, and the best corn dog on the planet is hot Dog On A Stick. The corn batter is the perfect consistency, fries up goldne and crisp on the outside, fluffy and tender inside. But they use icky turkey dogs, which blow. I want to make corn dogs at home that are that good, only with soem nice Hebrew National all beef.

Anyone know the secret? When I try, the batter slides off (yes, I’ve tried dipping in flour first. I know the HDOAS people don’t do this!) splits open, and takes on way too much grease. I just can’t make it work.

Please…satisfy my need!

This is a non-smoking area. If we see you smoking, we will assume you are on fire and act accordingly.

Stoi, don’t know nothin’ bout corn dogs but as far as a good message board for cooks, try . It’s the site for Gourmet and the snooty Conde Nast magazines but they have this huge database of recipes you can search and stuff plus a message board. Hope you like it.

Stoidela: You could also try

They, too, have a message board. Since I don’t cook myself, I couldn’t tell you how it rates though.

I don’t know about hot dogs/corn dogs but here are some cooking/recipe boards for you.
There is a newsgroup also.

If you want a board to post and discuss and ask questions rather than just get recipes, try

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