Cool Central Nebraska Monster Supercell and Tornadoes pics & video - Amazing shots!

Central Nebraska Monster Supercell and Tornadoes

Reminds me much too much of Tennessee '98.

Strange storms in January. 2 years worth of tornadoes in 48 hours.

Please Heaven–Never again!! :frowning: :eek: :frowning: :eek: :frowning:

Jeezum. :eek: My subconscious is desperately searching the monitor for the virtual stairs to the basement.

Storm chasers. Oy. :rolleyes: “…and here’s the tornado getting closer…and here’s the tornado getting a LOT closer…and here’s the tornado, it’s REALLY close now…”

Diff’rent strokes, I guess.

I’ve conversed with this guy (the website owner, Mike) several times by email in the past, and some of his other pictures on his site are just amazing, especially some of the lightning. As a fellow stormchaser, I have a good amount of respect for anyone doing what they do, especially with the results such as this.

Storms on the Plains are different I think than storms east of the Mississippi…easier to see them (less trees), usually slower-moving, and usually happen in the afternoon, so while it is very reasonable to think we are all crazy, it is indeed a fun thing to do IF you know what you are doing.


Those are the most amazing weather stills I have ever seen! :eek: