Cool character, not-so-cool movie or show.

I was sorting through some old videos the other night, and found the copy of Disney’s The Black Cauldron that I taped.

The movie itself has some…flaws. Not really a big classic. Mostly unimpressive or unlikable characters, to boot. (I hear the original book was better, to be fair.)

But with one major exception…the film’s villain, the Horned King, voiced by John Hurt. Like a zombie Saruman, but with horns. The only times his eyes aren’t empty sockets is when they’re blazing red with fury. Scary 'mother. I actually think I saw him make a cameo on “House of Mouse,” years later.

That got me to thinking…does anyone else have any favorite examples of good, even great characters from not-so-great movies?

Samuel L Jackson and LL Cool J’s characters from Deep Blue Sea.

Agent Sands from Once Upon A Time in Mexico. Lackluster movie, but I liked Johnnie Depps character so much that I bought the DVD anyways. He’s a sociopathic CIA agent with a twisted sense of humor, a fake arm, and some great gunfighting skills. Even after having his eyes gouged out by the cartel, he’s still a sardonic, swarmy asshole. He puts a smile to my face every time. I would love Robert Rodriguez forever if he ever gave Sands his own movie

"Now, Are you a Mexi-can, or a Mexi-can’t?

I totally agree, and I even liked the first two Mariachi movies, just not OUATIM. Depp is always great, and he made Agent Sands into an awesome character. I’d love to see him team up with Elle Driver, Darryl Hannah’s assassin character from Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill movies, since she was blinded in the second movie. If she survived (we never find out), she and Sands could be a pair of psychotic blind mercenary antiheroes!