Cool non-PC game cutscenes you really liked?

I’m starting this topic so I won’t hijack this thread. What non-PC games have cutscenes you really liked? I like the Spyro series, Oddworld: Abe’s Exodus, the** Final Fantasy ** series for Playstation, the original Zeldas, and Star Ocean:The Second Story. (Wish I could get the first and third games from the Star Ocean series, but I don’t have a Playstation atm.)

There are other games out there that I loved the cutscenes for, but I cannot remember the names of them. A friend of ours who was an exchange student from Japan had the games, and I don’t recall the American titles he gave, just that one had suits that were mech like, and the final boss was a PAIN. The mech suits looked very stylized, rounded and robotic, red and white in color. He finished his courses and we’ve lost touch.

As I shouted out there, I’ll shout out here too: Conker’s Bad Fur Day. It’s for the N64. That game, along with Zelda and MarioCart, could be all I ever need again.

For fans of Dragonball Z, there’s the Dragonball Z Budokai game. It’s the first one, I believe, where there’s an amusing"Side" cutscene accessible - Cell, trying to absorb Android #18, absorbs Krillin instead. The merged form is quite amusing.