Cool pens

I’m looking for a new pen. I’m not sure what I want, so tell me about your favorite pens. Elegant, weird, geeky, unique - whatever. Just recommend to me your favorite pen.

My favorite pen is a 1933 Sheaffer Lifetime “Balance” fountain pen given to my grandfather on his election to the Board of Aldermen in Bridgeport, CT. It had been unused for decades when I refilled it—and it wrote like a champ.

If you have some coin to spend, you can get yourself a very useful daily companion and future heirloom in the Sheaffer or other vintage fountain pens.

Fisher Space Pen

It can write upside down, under water, and in space.

ring pen

Odd looking but no one will dare steal it from your desk.

My favourite is my Levenger Mediterranean fountain pen. Unfortunately they don’t make it anymore. I couldn’t find a photo, but I did find a photo of the roller-ball version. (Do a ‘find’ on Mediterranean.)

I like these Bic pens. Cheap, write well, easy grip. None of that ‘test-run’ scribble on a blank pice of paper to make sure the ink is flowing.

I use the Zebra f-402. It’s shiney and I like to draw my cartoons in fine point ink

I like the Cross Ion.

I want it. That’s so freaking neat.

The BOMApen. A steal at $350.

Do you have one? I looked at that pretty hard before posting this - there are a few on eBay. But I wasn’t sure about it. How comfortable is it to use?

Like a lot of other moleskine users - the Pilot G2 rollerball.

I saw a pen like this boxing frog pen at the dollar store yesterday.

Personally, I like the Jotter Brushed Stainless Steel Retractable Ballpoint Pen. It holds the Parker ink cartridges that are easily 5x the ink of the gold Cross pens I have used in the past, but is smarter looking than the Fischer Space Pen.

My only problem is that it is such a nice pen, Freakin’ Everybody tries to steal it…! :mad:

(You may need to buy 3-4 and hide the ones you don’t use)

That’s why I’m looking for something new and unique. Mine keep disappearing.

I’ve found that Crayola makes the best coloring pens. Very vivid colors, even the pastels have density. And they write on a lot of surfaces.
I got a set of 50 washable markers for a few dollars at a “craft store” the kind with yarns and textile paints and silk flowers and craft kits.

I use them for everything.

That is what I use at work. Small world…

I really like a newer line of pens called TUL (pronounced tool). I should note that I work for the company that makes them, but I really do like them a lot so I feel comfortable recommending them without feeling like a shill.

My new favorite: The Copic Multiliner SP. It’s an art pen, not a writing pen, but I use it for pretty much everything. It has the most gorgeous line, and it makes even the grocery list look artistic. It comes in lots of widths (mine is .25, but I want more). Very nifty. And refillable.

I also like my Itoya, in yummy transparent green.

I went to the pen store to get a birthday present on Saturday, and I didn’t even buy anything for myself. That took a lot of self-control.