Cool podcast for readers (esp. of weird fiction)

I’ve pimped this podcastin other threads, but now it’s branching out into something new, and they’re switching to a (low) subscription plan, so I figured I’d advertise a bit for them. Mostly because I want to keep listening to Chad and Chris dissect literature, and the more subscribers they have, the more likely that is!

So, it started out with three years of podcasts in which the guys read and discussed all of HP Lovecraft’s fiction. (You can download all of those podcasts for free, btw.)

Now they’re done. So what next? They’re going to look at many of the works Lovecraft cited in his essay “Supernatural Horror in Fiction,” including The King in Yellow and “The Yellow Wallpaper” for the first (yellow-themed) episode.

They’re also considering doing a “back to school” series where they read and discuss literature we all had on our high school reading lists, which I’m very keen to see.

So anyway, you can buy a 3 month subscription for $6.66, get some cool podcasts about literature, and help fund the guys to keep this up. Once a month they’ll also have a free episode. Here’s the current info on subscription, and they’ll have two free episodes before all that goes into effect.

Since a lot of you are literature geeks I thought you might be interested!