Cool pubs in Glendale/Peoria, Arizona?

My brother and I visit my mom in Sun City every October. After putting her to bed at night, we like to go out and have some beers and play pool/darts.

I was *born *there, but it’s like a foreign city to me now. And I feel so…so…old. (Still in my 30s…technically.)

We always end up at McDuffy’s, which is near the Peoria Sports Complex. Yuck. I hate that place. The music is so loud that conversation is impossible. The bouncers are…let’s just say aggressive. I wasn’t allowed in last year with a hooded sweatshirt. In Portland, you can’t get in a bar *without *a hooded sweatshirt. I can’t even imagine enjoying that place when I went to ASU…but I guess I did, because I went to the one in Tempe quite a few times. But that one was a sports bar. This McDuffy’s *claims *to be a sports bar, but it’s really a night club with wet t-shirt contests. (Ok, ok, I’m old. Get off my lawn!)

Anway…does anyone in AZ have a suggestion for a nice, quite pub with pool tables…somewhere between Bell Road and Thunderbird and near 82nd Ave? A real sports bar would be cool, too.


Haven’t been, but Scorz might be an option even though it is even further west.


Visit the pub at the American Graduate School of International Business (Thunderbird), if you don’t mind hanging out with a bunch of MBA students. Most are not your typical MBA background types. 15249 N. 59th Avenue, Glendale, AZ 85306

Disclaimer: I haven’t been there for about 20 years but at least it used to be a cool pub. Had pool tables and about 200 kinds of beer from around the world. (used to have an “around the world in 80 beers” t-shirt you got after trying 80 different kinds). Searching shows that the pub is still around so have at it.