Coolest Teacher/Class

At my high school we had a class called “The 1990’s.” It was essentially a current events class and every week we would get a copy of Newsweek and discuss it for a week. Anyway the class was a seniors only class and was considered a huge blow-off class. Last year I took it 2nd semester senior year with a really cool teacher who was retiring at the end of the year. His already laid back style became even more so and we used articles in Newsweek to excuse our watching Powerpuff Girls, Simpsons, Futurama and Teletubbies (a very scary show). Our tests had questions such as:

  1. What is this test on?
    A. paper
    B. fish
    C. Newsweek
    D. all of the above
    The answer was d because the answer to every question 1 was D. He also would tell us about all the weird things that would happen to him. I’m not going into those here though. One of the kids in my class followed him an hour to his house and then stole something, I forget what, when he went inside. In general this was the best funniest class and teacher I ever had! But for all you out there who are going to complain about teachers like this being allowed to teach, I can seriously say that I remember more subject matter from that class and the US History class I had with the teacher than any other non math or science class I have ever had. And that’s the way most people who were in the class feel as well.

The coolest class I ever took was in Jr College and part of the Recreation Dept. Social Recreation… or how to play games and plan parties. It was a riot. We were split up into groups and for the midterm we had to design a game, and the final was a plan a party. I had no idea there was such a science to something that seem more like play. Half of the class was learning the strategy of it, and the other was enjoying the other group’s games and parties. I think there should be much more of these classes in higher education, as many people forget how important it is to play.

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Best Class Where I Actually Learned Something: Last year (Sophomore) English III Honors class. BEST teacher EVER. She even tells me “Hi” in the halls, and I’m NOT EMBBARASSED!

Best Class That I Didn’t Learn Much, But Was Really Fun: Last year (Sophomore) Pyschology class. This teacher was SO weird, but SO cool. Example: Our school mascot is a bear cub (teddy bear - gag me!). There was a stuffed bear sitting on the A/C unit next to the window. He lays the bear down, head toward window, and drops the blinds on it like a gillotine (sp?). Funny as hell.

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Forgot to mention: Psych class had GROUP TESTS! What a blast!

Most interesting class in High School: “Crime and Law.” It started off with basic judicial system stuff, then went into assassins, serial killers, mass murderers, etc… A separate section for each category. Fun!

Most useful class: Honors Senior English. Not only did we read great literature, the teacher made sure he taught us how to write well-thought-out essays and analyses. I don’t have a creative bone in my body when it comes to writing, but just watch me around term papers, reports, essays, and the like :). Sometimes, I’ll write a paper or critical essay just for the fun and challenge (but I couldn’t write a short story to save my life). The English class helped open up this world to me.

[list][li]In HS, I loved Zoology. We got to go out on field trips to collect insects, cut up all sorts of animals, disect a cat for a whole quarter, and the best part: reconstructing a skeleton.[/li]
We had to go out and find our own vertibrate animal to reconstruct. I was smart and went to the Animal Control Center and got a cat that had been put to sleep. One pair of girls waited until the last minute, then bought rats at the pet store. But then they had the problem of killing them without maiming them. So they used the same stuff we’d used to kill bugs for our insect collections. Trouble was, it took longer to kill them than the bugs.

As they were watching the rats die, I picked up the pamphlets in their bag from the pet store. Then I told them that the “Care and Feeding” pamplet didn’t recommend suffocating your new pets in carbon tetrachloride.

Best college class was Biology 101: The professor taught us how to make homemade wine. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I went to a Catholic all male high school. I took Chicago History senior year in high school. The teacher was the school’s football coach. The class should have been called “History of Sports in Chicago”. That’s all we talked about. One of our major exams was basically all about the 85-86 Bears.

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I had a class called Science and the Humanities. The theme was trying to integrate two worlds, the aesthetic and the analytical. One of the reading assignments was “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” by Robert Pirsig, one of my all time faves!

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Best HS Class: World History. The teacher was great. He showed movies all the time, to convey the “flavor” of the subject rather than for strict historical accuracy (e.g. during the section on the Middle Ages, he showed Ladyhawke). He taught 2 senior classes (Political Science and War & Conflict) in which the final exam consisted of playing Risk, but I wasn’t able to get into either one due to scheduling conflicts.

Best college class: Organizational Communications. The entire semester consisting of organizing the class into a “company” and designing a product, doing market research, creating a marketing plan, advertising, sales strategies, etc. At the end of the class, the instructor told us we were the first class that actually went all the way through to creating the product (it was a booklet for parents with babysitting tips, an emergency numbers page to go on the fridge and contact info for students who had filled out and sent in qualifications (e.g experience, skills like CPR, etc.)to be listed) and selling (through the on-campus daycare and the schools that the education dept did student teaching with); it had been intended as a purely “on-paper” project and everyone got A’s.

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Senior year classes are always a blast, aren’t they? I took Survey of Rock Music(final exam: what decade is this song from?), Film and Language (Star Wars, the Breakfast Club and Godzilla) and Typing.

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