Coolest Thing Evar! Crew of Homebuilt Sub Arrested!

And not just any sub, either! These guys built a replica of the Turtle!

“Marine mischief” my ass, that’s simply the coolest thing since that guy converted the Army truck to a boat to try and escape from Cuba. I hope they didn’t do anything stupid like sink the sub.

That’s cool that the cops sound like they are backing off. Realizing it’s just three history buffs. Cool gadget too!

I wonder if they’ll share a cell with the guys who did the ATHF hoax in Boston.

What was the charge? Is there a law against building submersibles?

I think it was just a terrism scare. And to the cops credit, that thing does look like a floating bomb or mine. Like the classic cartoon black, round bomb with a fuse out the top.

I wonder if the men have been released yet.

operating an unsafe water craft and violating a security zone around the Queen Mary.

Thanks for the follow-up, Tuckerfan.

I saw the bare bones of this on (I think) Countdown yesterday. I hope these guys were out on a lark, intending no harm. If so, it’s a shame they were arrested.

That is really cool (although kind of nuts to float it around somewhere as high-publicized–and high-security–as the Queen Mary). Wonder if they’ll get more complete photos of the sub up when they’re released?

I think that building a working replica of the Turtle is, as most others have said, really, really cool.

Taking it out into shipping lanes, esp. shipping lanes near a ship as world famous as the QMII is really, really stupid. There’s a quote in this article that claims to be from his website, which makes me think he meant to create a stir - it not quite as big a stir as he got.

Just found his website, after all. Here it is.

I’m sure the NYPD came up to the guy and said.

You got a permit for that buddy?

And there is probably someway to actually get a permit for you own submarine down at city hall but it would take all fricken day.