Coolest video game ideas evar!

What is your "teh coolest RTS ideahs evar!!!11

After reading this post by Miller, I recalled an old idea I had.

In this game, it would be World War 2 (and inspired by some of the recent awesome WW2 sims). At the start, you’d just have historically accurate soldiers. Americans have better infantry guns; Germans use squads to support machine guns. You only control the squads, not individual soldiers.

But, as the game progresses, you start unleashing mroe and more crazy super-stuff.

The Germans begn unleashing Bloodmages and turn the dead into zombies while calling the powers of Hellfire to ravage you. Their Skeletanks and Werewolf units will rip through your infantry! The English counter with wizards, druids, and dragons, matching the demonic offensive with arcane knowledge of their own. See Merlin released from his prison and King Arthur reborn to lead the fight!

The Japanese turn loose their legion of ghost samurai and call upon the Sea Dragons to attack Pearl Harbor. But they will be no match for the United States’ array of individualized Super-heroes and legendary cowboys (real heroes never die…)

Bonus forces include the Chinese (with their Kung-Fu warriors) and Russians fielding Baba Yaga alongside Psychics!

And the fun doesn’t stop with the “conventional” super-units. Can the time-travelling American X-2425 cut through the might of the German Inferno Cannon. Can Captain Nemo defeat the Krake? Will a Legion of Angels be able to stop the tide of Dmeons unleashed o’er the land -

You decide! In World War Apocalypse (Coming soon to a retailer newer you!)

Wow, that sounds like a poster I saw in Spencer’s Gifts one time. I believe it glowed under a black light.

Your pitch sounds a little too “dragon t-shirt guy,” but I think it actually could be made into a pretty cool concept smiling_bandit.

My fanboy wishes:

1.) A game that uses squad & position based RTS gameplay like the Dawn of War series, set in the Warcraft franchise. Possibly a series starting with an updated retelling of Warcraft’s 1 & 2

2.) A Smash Brothers style game with all-stars of classic Japanese gaming; Mario, Sonic, Link, Mega Man, Ryu Hayabusa, Simon Belmont, Ryu & Chun-Li, Guy, Terry Bogard, etc.
Only, I’d leave out Pac-man (I think he’d be a little too awkward to try and fit in) and Solid Snake (because honestly, his series didn’t really hit it’s stride until the 32-bit Metal Gear Solid, and I’d like to glorify 8-bit and 16-bit games). I would however have characters from RPG’s, like Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest.