Cooling coffee, veggie fat

I was surprised at Cecil’s derisive attitude towards the idea that pressurization has something to do with the warming effects of air. It might not be the most significant reason, but it definitely exists. Try blowing on your hand with your mouth wide open and with your mouth puckered. You should notice a significant temperature difference.

And as long as I’m on the subject of this article, aren’t olives and avocados seeds?

Are you sure that perceived temperature difference isn’t just the “wind chill factor”?

Without wishing to be derisive, olives aand avacados are the fruit - the stones are the seeds.

In an aside to the fat content in avacados, I have a vague memory of an advertising campaign by the British Royal Ice Cream Board (or some such) about ten years ago. They extolled the health benefits of ice cream compared to the evil of fresh fruit. One avocado had six times the fat content of six ice creams!

And while I’m here - this hand blowing thing.

The air coming out of your mouth is 98.4°F right?
So this will cool coffee at 200°F
And warm hands that are at 75°F
Doesn’t need pressurisation or wind chill or anything complicated.

Yes, except at a much slower rate than actually occurs- see the followup portion of Cecil’s column.