Copenhagen Climate Summit - what can be accomplished?

192 countries are attending the biggest talks concerning the global climate in history. They are there to discuss emissions cuts and financial measures to combat climate change.

Will anything concrete be accomplished? Will this be the first step on the road to real change, or just more talk with little action?

Time Magazine says this about it:

That is really making it sound like a make or break event.

Maybe they should tell nations that do not cooperate that the rest of the world will not step in and help them if their coastline is flooded or if climate change causes a drought.

No one would believe such a threat, so what would be the point?

To what extent are China and India involved in the meeting? The future is in their hands if you ask me.

A bit of a scandal has broken out:

Not to mention that it’d be no threat to the US, which generally receives no outside aid during natural disasters anyway.

Is that “circle of commitment” the one with Oprah and Bill Gates? Alberta has a lot invested in this Climate Summit, but I agree - if China, India, and the US don’t do something serious, I really don’t want to see 2 million Albertans put out of work for some nebulous plan of “helping the environment” when the biggest players aren’t participating.