Cops in real life are attractive too

Maybe I’m wrong, but there seems to be a widespread impression that police officers in the movies or TV shows look unrealistically attractive, especially in the case of female cops. It’s been my opinion too for some time, but not anymore.

I tend to watch American reality shows. I watch documentaries as well, particularly British ones, whose informative quality often mesmerizes me. Reality shows have the advantage of offering me a slice of real American life. I know TV shows do not present real reality, but the way people speak is real. Since I live in Bucharest, Romania, the Internet and TV shows are my main connection to the English speaking world. I learned English through books and few people can imagine how difficult it is to learn a language well without being in contact with native speakers.

Now, back to the topic. I’ve been watching The First 48 for some time and I must say I admire a lot, if not all, of the police officers in the show. They’re smart, dedicated men and women - and some of them look so good, picturesque, or even charismatic that I feel they could easily be movie stars. Well, that’s my today’s impression and maybe other people share it too. Or maybe not.


People who get put on TV are generally attractive. It’s not a representative sample.

Whew. I was beginning to think I posted this at a wrong time.

Although most of the threads I initiate don’t seem to fare well. :thinking:

Anyway, you’re making a good point. And yet, it you have watched The First 48, you may remember that there are a lot of scenes where you get to see all the people in the department. Given the fact that I don’t think every PD is so eager to participate in the show, I don’t think TV producers can really organize a preliminary informal beauty contest or be picky at all.