Copy file path & name to clipboard in Windows Explorer?

Maybe a dumb question - How do I copy the full path and filename of a file I’ve browsed to into the clipboard, using Microsoft Windows Explorer? (in XP)

I can copy the path without a terminating backslash if I click in Explorer’s “address” field and then ctrl-C, and I can copy a filename visible in Explorer if I click on it twice (like I would to edit the name) and ctrl-C. I can then assemble these in, say, a program line in a text editor.

Is there a way to do these in one step? A setting in Explorer, perhaps?


You have to install a program such as ClipboardPath or Copy Path.

In Vista shift + right-click will bring up a “Copy as path” option.

Another way is to open the Start -> Run … dialog box and drag the file into there. Then ctrl-a to highlight and ctrl-c to copy. It’s a few steps but there you have it, if you don’t feel like installing anything.