#CorbynOut trending on Twitter

Maybe, just maybe, there’s a crack in the Corbyn Cult. Labour did disastrously in the European elections as well as the local elections a few weeks ago.

No, Twitter can’t change the Labour leader, but it seems some of the activists who used to sing Oh, Jeremy Corbyn have soured on him. Waffling on Brexit and anti-Semitism hasn’t helped Labour at all.

And yeah, there are still the Corbyn Cultists on Twitter but they’re sounding like a stuck robot: blah blah neoliberals blah blah Blairite blah blah media hates Corbyn.

Labour desperately needs a new leader. Brexit is the most important issue, not policy towards Palestine.

I fear Labour are probably going to continue to be dominated by the Leave faction. It seems like so many of the Remain voters are SNP or Liberal Democrats that it has left Leave majorities in the two big parties.

I forget who it was said that after the referendum, Parliament should have reorganized into Leave and Remain blocs until some resolution. Brexit is the big issue, but the two major parties are each split on it and in the same way.

He seems to me to be a singularly unlikeable person and an ineffective politician who surrounds himself with acolytes and sycophants.

A half-way decent Labour leader would have had a field day with the current administration, he doesn’t have what it takes to be a leader. He is the boaty-mcboatface of political leaders, he is what you get when you open up your selection process to a country of people who really enjoy a good laugh.

Today on Twitter, it’s being pointed out by many, including myself that Labour only took a few days to expel Alastair Campbell but seems to take forever to investigate and expel antisemites.

Corbyn has got a real problem with the hard left and seems remarkably tone deaf.

Labour is now being formally investigated for antisemitism by the Equality and Human Rights Commission. The only other party ever investigated by the EHRC in this way is the BNP.

Equality body launches investigation of Labour antisemitism claims

Corbyn again being all waffling on a second referendum. He’s better not get the general election he keeps asking for, Labour will get destroyed.

He’s getting massive negative feedback for doing so. There’s a new movement #expelmetoo .

It’s potentially bad enough that if a general election is called, the Lib-Dems could wind up in Government.

I don’t see anything bad about this to be honest :wink: .

If you look at his life before politics, there’s nothing particularly noteworthy or remarkable about Corbyn. Didn’t complete a university degree and wasn’t a particularly gifted student prior to that. No career in business. He was a wayward youth who found his calling in political activism, but it doesn’t seem that he ever learned pragmatism. Political parties need leaders, not activists. They can have activist instincts, but leading requires building coalitions and inter-group diplomacy. Corbyn seems to be lacking in these areas and I suspect it’s beginning to take its toll.

A career back bencher who constantly defied the Labour whip as well. Too much democracy can be a bad thing and allowing idealists who can afford £5 to vote for the Labour leader is a bad thing.

An absolutely scathing anti-Corbyn article in the New Statesman by a former Corbyn supporter.

Yes, I know the New Statesman has been anti-Corbyn but this isn’t written by their editorial staff. It’s written by a author of a pro-Labour and pro-Corbyn book.