Corned Beef: Cuts other than brisket

I’ve been making my own corned beef at home lately using a recipe from Bon Appetit. I like brisket very much (corned and non-corned), but I was wondering about corning other cuts of beef. Anyone ever had any? My wife says one of her co-workers, a kiwi, says that New Zealand corned beef is not made with brisket–it’s made with some leaner cut of beef. Anyone have any experience with this?

I know you can use bottom round roast for a leaner corned beef.

Mind sharing the recipe?

Here you go!

You can corn anycut or kind of meat. Corning describes a preservation process, rather than a “type” of meat. Although brisket is the popular now, time does not stand still, and we have a past.

In fact, I’m corning pork shoulder and loin right this minute. (Well, for the last week, and I’ve still a week or two to go. I’m using a wet cure, but corning can be performed with a dry cure as well.)

Corned H Bone is about as nice as I’ve had- FIL who was a meat worker told me of it.

Sure … but different cuts of meat might suck. There are reasons we use certain cuts of meat for certain things today. Some cuts work well in a variety of preparations, some work well in only one or two.