Cornstarch substitute?

Does anyone know of a substitute for cornstarch in a recipe?

You mean as a thickener?

Flour, tapioca, arrowroot. It depends.

What’s the recipe?

Flour’s the easiest and most people have it on hand. Stir together some flour and some water to make a thin paste (use a little more than the amount of cornstarch called for in the recipe.) Stir your paste into the liquid to thicken. Let simmer.

Sauces thickened with flour do not have the “glossy” look of sauces thickened with cornstarch.

Thanks alot, it was a variety of recipes that had cornstarch in them, but I can’t eat cornstarch so was avoiding them.

Finely shredded potato works, too.

Arrowroot is a very close substitute.

Here’s a great website discussing various starches (and it’s not just for baking):