Coronavirus COVID-19 (2019-nCoV) Thread - 2021 Breaking News

This article came out recently about the overall effectiveness of masks. One interesting graph is where they show the reduction in reproducibility value as a function of mask filtration and mask compliance. It’s no surprise that things are better with more mask compliance, but it also shows that even with poor masks that only provide 50% filtration (e.g bandannas), high compliance can cut the R value in half. The benefit is similar with either with 100% of the people wearing 50% efficient masks or 50% of the people wearing 100% efficient masks.

I’ve been double masking for a few weeks now. At the beginning of COVID-19 I was given a package containing 20 N-95 masks. I’ve worn them at work and at play since, rotating their use.

The weak point with these masks is the rubber bands that hold the mask on. Eventually they break, and then I began repairing them. I’ve reached the point now that I’m wearing an N-95 with the bands removed and a cloth mask worn over the N-95.

93,533,715 total cases
2,002,407 dead
66,813,279 recovered

In the US:

23,848,410 total cases
397,994 dead
14,112,119 recovered

Yesterday’s numbers for comparison:

There are now over 2,000,000 deaths from covid-19. The US is about 20% of that.

South Affrican variant is now in Canada.

In a Wednesday letter, the 22 mayors urged the Biden administration to establish a national vaccine distribution plan for cities, instead of allocating all available doses to state governments.

The mayors of the country’s three largest cities — New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago — also signed onto the letter. The request comes as the country receives widespread backlash for a sluggish vaccine rollout; just 37 percent of the total doses allocated to states so far have been put into people’s arms, according to a Bloomberg News tracker.

“While the traditional health care network will be the answer to ongoing vaccinations in the long term, by allocating vaccines directly to cities and providing funding to support their efforts, more vaccines can be administered in a more quick and efficient matter,” the mayors wrote.

A national vaccine distribution plan sure sounds like a good idea to me.

In a Wednesday [letter](https, the 22 mayors urged the Biden administration to establish a national vaccine distribution plan for cities, instead of allocating all available doses to state governments.

What about rural areas? Don’t they think we should get any?

Higher population density increases spread.
More likely to have the ultra-cold facilities to store the vaccine.

There’s been quite a lot of spread in rural areas lately.
And only one of the vaccines requires ultra-cold facilities.

The federal government delivering directly to large population centers is somewhat feasible, don’t know about every rural community.

That said, I don’t see any real benefit. Maybe direct deliveries to hard hit municipalities makes sense.

I hope that’s not a serious question. One thing at a time.

In other, disturbing news:

States were anticipating a windfall after federal officials said they would stop holding back second doses. But the approach had already changed, and no stockpile exists.

I will crosspost and comment on this elsewhere.

Governor Kate Brown is not happy.

This is a deception on a national scale. Oregon’s seniors, teachers, all of us, were depending on the promise of Oregon’s share of the federal reserve of vaccines being released to us.

I meant to add this part.

I’m in group 1a and there still isn’t even a notification plan, much less anything to distribute, outside the Portland-Salem area. At that, Keiser and others in that area are or will soon be out of vaccine.

So this means no additional vaccine coming so the first recipients won’t have a second dose and people in 1a and 1b won’t get their first anytime soon probably?

And the South Africa variant is coming that may be able to bypass the vaccine anyway.

It seems like a whole shitload more of us are going to get this and just hope we survive. I saw a report that said natural immunity could last 5 months. That’s not written in stone of course but damn. What is the future?

Are we just going to keep having Covid endemic everywhere and no vaccine for years or never?

Back in the spring when this first started, my Mom asked me “how long are we supposed to live like this? Forever?”

She was not at all happy when I replied “maybe.”

Note that this study showed that imperfect immunity lasted 5 months, but the study didn’t make any guesses about longer times. They know it lasts at least 5 months, and it could be much longer.

Thanks. It sounds like immunity from the shot could last a year.

94,314,878 total cases
2,017,904 dead
67,346,542 recovered

In the US:

24,102,429 total cases
401,856 dead
14,228,969 recovered

Yesterday’s numbers for comparison:

Plasma therapy looks like it isn’t much use.

The only way to know for sure how long it lasts is to stick it into people, then wait that long, then see how many are still immune. So we can’t know for sure that immunity lasts e.g. 3 years until it’s been 3 years since folks first got immunized.

We certainly have reasonable scientific grounds to extrapolate forwards from what we do know for sure about the last several months since the trials started.

You’ll find lots of dishonest sceptics saying that since we can’t know for sure, we therefore know nothing. That’s false logic.