Coronavirus COVID-19 (2019-nCoV) Thread - Breaking News

Pfizer CEO was interviewed on CBS News.

They are expanding the trial in part because they have confidence in the safety of their vaccine candidate.

He further stated that they are 60% certain that they will know if their vaccine is effective by the end of October. He emphasized that this is not a 60% certainty that the vaccine will prove effective, only that they will know whether or not it is.

The latest Covid victim: Peeps! No Peeps for Halloween or Christmas. Will this madness never end?

The wife and I visited the US around Easter one year in the’90s and took a load of Easter candy back for her family. It was mostly a hit, all except the Peeps, which they thought were creepy as all get out.

29,182,627 total cases
928,281 dead
21,027,197 recovered

In the US:

6,708,458 total cases
198,520 dead
3,974,949 recovered

Yesterday’s numbers for comparison:

Chinese virologist who defected from China, claims on recent ITV show that not only was the outbreak initially surpressed by the Chinese gov’t (which is universally understood), but also that it was, in fact, originated, man made, in a lab. Apparently in next couple of days her and a colleague will put out a two-part report that will explain the genome sequence responsible for the virus’s genesis.

Still sniffin’er out.

She’s been here for over two months and I can’t find any credible news source backing her up, probably because she keeps claiming that she has proof and keeps telling us that the proof will be here any day now. For now, I’ll withhold final judgment, but she’s definitely going about this in the wrong way.

This might be a little too cynical … but have any of these “Now we have THE TRUTH about COVID-19!” videos ever panned out? Seems like dang near every video about COVID that people “just have to watch” is hooey. Will someone on YouTube really ever scoop legitimate old-line news sources?

Hallelujah! Today Panama lifted most of the movement restrictions that have been in place since March 18. Now we are allowed to go out between 5 AM-11 PM Monday-Saturday. A curfew remains from 11 PM-5 AM and all day Sunday. This will be a great relief. I no longer have to plan my week based on the few hours I was allowed to go out. (Some of the former restrictions remain in place in some of the other provinces, which I think are now accounting for many of the new cases.) They are reporting that 74,500 people were arrested for violations when the movement restrictions were in place. Most of the arrests took place in the first few months before people got used to the restrictions.

We also no longer need safe-conduct passes to travel to other parts of the country. However, recreational travel is supposedly still not permitted, and most hotels will remain closed until October 12. International flights will also be allowed to resume on that date, and the remaining curfews will be lifted then.

Various sectors of the economy will be reopening each week for the next month. Restaurants can resume in-person service on September 28.

All this depends on keeping the virus within limits. Average number of new cases has dropped to less than 700 per day, and deaths to 11 per day. The last time I saw the R0 published it was about 0.85.

Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade will go on as planned, sorta.

How are they going to simulate character balloons getting away and/or crashing into the crowd?

Didn’t see this posted here - what do you all think?

“Northwestern University researchers have uncovered a new vulnerability in the novel coronavirus’ infamous spike protein — illuminating a relatively simple, potential treatment pathway.”

According to the main character in the webcomic Erfworld, the best time to eat peeps is half a year after Easter. By then they’re crunchy.

Anyone can make up a sequence. I wouldn’t believe anything unless she was able to steal the virus itself and a credible lab in the US sequenced it.

29,445,683 total cases
932,744 dead
21,279,830 recovered

In the US:

6,749,289 total cases
199,000 dead
4,027,826 recovered

Yesterday’s numbers for comparison:

I found this article fascinating:

Lots of detective type stuff there, if you’re into that sort of thing.

I’ve heard some people claim that it should raise eyebrows that no one has yet found the virus in the wild in bats or pangolins or wherever. Not sure if that’s a valid point, though, as I don’t imagine there is a lot of such hunting going on. But then again, I don’t know how long it took to find out SARS came from camels or what have you.

Looks like the US will be over 200,000 dead tomorrow. Not that these round number milestones really mean that much.

It’s been sequenced in dozens, if not hundreds, of labs. That’s why they are able to say that New York was probably infected from Europe, not directly from China.

And according to articles i read very early in the pandemic (and no longer remember where I read them) none of the sequenced viruses had the “tells” that man-made generic sequences have with it current gene-editing tools.

So i think it’s extremely unlikely that it’s man-made. And there are lots of bats out there. I don’t think it’s at all surprising that they haven’t found this precise virus in a wild animal.

Kind of like watching the odometer roll over in your car.

Well, I read her (first) paper just now. Guess I’ll wait for others to tell me what I think about it. I don’t expect to be particularly compelled, but I’m certainly keeping my ears open.


If and when they get divorced, who gets custody of the blame?