Coronavirus COVID-19 (2019-nCoV) Thread - 2020 Breaking News

We’ve had a couple of threads in IMHO talking about this, but now that deaths have topped 1000 (and the daily toll topped 100 for the first time), I thought I’d start a thread where we can simply monitor the progress of this virus and the fight against it.

There are two main websites tracking the virus:

Coronavirus 2019-nCoV Global Cases by Johns Hopkins CSSE - this site is excellent; by far my preferred of these two - in addition to maps and numbers, this site does offer links to news stories about the virus.

It’s really disturbing how much that website looks like a game of Pandemic.

I’ve got a cruise coming up in a few months, and I must admit I’m getting a bit nervous about it. Cruise ships are already bad enough about concentrating disease.

Data point: I don’t have it. Yet.

I like the idea of a central thread. Of course I just saw this after posting in one of the others.
Data point: I may have had it.

45,115 confirmed infections
1,115 deaths
4,781 recovered

The WHO has named the virus COVID-19; I’ve asked the mods to update the thread title.

The article explains:

Hopefully China will adopt the COVID-19 moniker and we can at least be on the same page as to what we call it.

As a sidebar post on treatments and vaccines:

Thiswiki page lists a number of vaccine developments underway.

Testing of the novel (as yet unlicensed) antiviral Remdesivir is starting.

From the Remdesivir wiki page


Earlier today, someone said a case had been confirmed nearby. Someone else showed up and reported a case that was even closer. I suggested looking at the headlines before panicking, so someone got out their phone, did a search and, sure enough, there were three or four more cases reported. At that point everyone started talking at the same time. When someone finally stopped for air, I convinced the group to check the source of those headlines and, better yet, to check the homepage of any reputable newspaper. A few tense minutes later, it was agreed that it was just a rumor. So, I’m posting here to confirm the existence of stupid rumors.

Our lab has a sample which may contain the virus. A lot of people are freaking out although if they follow normal specimen handling procedures there is no danger. I think most are just enjoying the drama. :rolleyes:

On the up side, my husband and I do not have to travel to Beijing in April. The conference itself may not take place.

Everyone thought yesterday’s addition of only 3500 or so was possibly a sign that things were working…


They were wrong.

60,328 confirmed infected now
1,368 dead
5,995 recovered

The flights that evacuated Canadians out of Wuhan/Hubei province landed at CFB Trenton and the people are all in a two-week quarantine on the base.

175 of those cases from outside China
1 death from outside China (Phillipines)

I’m not going to panic just yet.

ETA: I believe the spike in cases reflects a new methodology for diagnosis. They are now accepting diagnosis using scans, rather than just RNA confirmation of the virus. This has led to the jump in confirmed cases - cases that would not have been confirmed before are being done so now.

Was there some call for panic in the thread that I didn’t see?

Was there a claim that there was a call for panic in the thread that I didn’t see?

This thing about the new methods is correct. Also, a large part of the people that are now counted as being infected/died from the virus, actually presented/died earlier, but are only included in the figures now.

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I don’t know what you didn’t see and I don’t know why you’re inserting yourself into this as the question wasn’t to you.

64,436 confirmed infected
1,383 dead
6,886 recovered

Japan has over 250 confirmed infected at the moment and had their first COVID-19 fatality today.

Hong Kong also had one death attributed to the virus.

More than 60 million people in China are starting their 4th week of lockdown.

Thanks, this thread seems timely.

I’m flying tomorrow. I plan to wear a surgical face mask. They aren’t great at keeping out viruses, but I find they are excellent at keeping my nasal passages hydrated on the dry airplane, and that’s been found to reduce the risk of contracting respiratory diseases in general. It will also remind me not to touch my face.

Data point: my friend who was evacuated from China finally completed their 2 weeks of self-quarantine, and is relieved to rejoin the world.

Stupid joke heard in the bar tonight…

What does coronavirus lead to?

Lime disease

China is reporting today that over 1700 health workers have been confirmed infected and 6 have died.

ETA: Health care providers account for about 3.8% of all cases, according to the article.