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I guess we did. Coworker was sick last week, apparently over it, and had two negative tests. It didn’t really cross my mind that MissTake was worried the coworker actually had infectious covid.

That’s how I read it too.

One of my close friends is sill very cautious about COVID. He is vaccinated as is his partner. One day, his partner’s mother came to visit and wanted to go out to eat. My friend is still not comfortable dining indoors. He was more than happy to go to a place with outdoor seating. They walked around the neighborhood and mom decided she wanted to eat at a particular restaurant that only had indoor seating. My friend reiterated that he was uncomfortable with this. The mom insisted, calling him a worry wart or some such thing. What ended up transpiring is my friend excused himself, went home, and let mom and the partner dine at the restaurant themselves (why his partner didn’t push his mom more, I don’t know, but my friend didn’t want to cause any further friction and found a way out for himself.)

Now what kind of person does that? I mean the mom? Why the hell would you be so self-centered, after knowing a person’s boundaries, to push against them and try to make the person with the boundaries do something they wouldn’t want to do? I mean, we all can posit myriad reasons, but come the fuck on.

It’s a not untypical mom power play. She just showed your friend that she’s the boss.

err, except her kid left her, rather than dine indoors. So no, if that’s what she was attempting, she failed.

And if that’s what she was attempting, it was rude and inappropriate to pull that on a fully grown child.

No, her kid stayed.

“his partner’s mother came to visit and wanted to go out to eat. My friend is still not comfortable dining indoors. […] mom and the partner dine at the restaurant themselves”

And of course it’s rude and shitty.

My mistake.

Yes, what a shitty mom.

Yes, that’s exactly how I interpreted it.

I don’t want to become that poster, prefacing comments with “as a transplantee ”. Heaven knows I yammer about it enough. But yes, coworker knows all about my medical issues, we discussed the whole lack of antibodies problem last week, and she is fully aware I’m the primary caregiver for my elderly mother.

Something I was wondering: when I hear that, say, “99.999% of hospitalizations/deaths are unvaccinated,” is there any reasonable way to guesstimate how many of those people actively opted not to get vaccinated? IOW, if I just shrug and say, “whatever,” how likely is it that I’m being insensitive by shrugging over some vast horde of people who legitimately aren’t able to be vaccinated for whatever reason?

And another thought I’ve had off and on: at what point do you impose restrictions without caring about objections of any sort? There were a lot of people, especially early but still so now, who’d shrug and say “suck it up, people are dying” to anyone with even a minor objection to restrictions. “Your business is failing? Suck it up, people are dying. Poor can be fixed; dying can’t.” “Your mental health is suffering? Suck it up, people are dying. Mental health can be healed; dying can’t.” “Your kids are falling behind academically and socially? Suck it up…” etc. It made me wonder if anything short of “delta variant Ebola” would get to that point for most Western democracies. We’ll thankfully probably never find out for sure, but it was a thought I had.

My bold.

I believe this sort of speculation is moot, as there is realistically no way to “impose” restrictions or anything else (i.e., make people get a shot, wear a mask) on the global scale of a worldwide pandemic like COVID. There will always be people who will not obey requests, suggestions, or even laws. There will always be people who can’t or won’t do <whatever> and in this case, there will be too many of them to do anything about. JMHO.

My wife has a patient whose daughter (in another state?) and son-in-law were vaccinated. They had a gathering totalling about seven vaccinated people. Every one of them got sick with COVID. She said that none of them were very sick, but she’s concerned because vaccinated people are being infected with the Delta variant.

Yeah. I have two connections (a child of a friend, a distant friend) who caught covid in California, and both were violating the law when they were infected. There’s a limit to what you can do without a lot of citizen buy-in outside of a totalitarian regime.

All indications are that vaccines are doing an excellent job in preventing serious illness and death. I base this on the UK, which has done much better on hospitalizations and death despite a large surge of infected. I do think there’s enough evidence that clearly there’s a non-zero chance of contracting Covid even in a 100% vaccinated environment.

I guess it comes down to individual risk assessment, and how important it is to you to avoid getting sick at all. Of course, some people cannot avoid such situations. Seven vaccinated people is not very many people, and hopefully Delta variant either burns out or we come up with a better solution, so people can have some sort of social life.

It’s not the number that’s alarming in absolute terms. It’s that it was 100% of the attendees and all were vaccinated.

I know they were all vaccinated.

I have shifted back into Things Change Fast mode, and looking 6 months out for hopeful signs. I think the next 6 months are not going to be good as the last few. Going out indoors is not going to be 100% safe, even if 100% vaccinated. Meeting with friends is not going to be 100% safe, even if 100% vaccinated. Especially if your standard is to not get sick at all. If you can’t risk getting sick, or don’t want to, then it’s back to sheltering in place and social distancing. I am not lecturing anybody. Just stating the situation as I see it.

I never opened up fully because I have unvaccinated kids. I think there is a high probability that their activities get shut down again and they’re schooling 100% virtual again, some time in the next six months. That’s going to suck. They already had 100% virtual for over a year. First it was a patch job, then it was kind of okay for a while, then it started to get worse as the time added up. Time marches on, more virtual schooling is just killing time in a less than ideal world. Which I prefer not to do, but I’m not that optimistic about the next six months any more.

So I’m short term pessimistic, and hope in six months we have some better answers to Delta, or it burns itself out. We can always hope. Because the social costs are considerable, and they are adding up for people.

Indeed, the Delta variant batted 7 for 7. Mostly singles and doubles, but if one of those has cardiopulmonary comorbidities or diabetes, it’s a different story, and a sad one. Which leads me to believe that the Israeli data about rapidly declining efficacy is right and that because our vaccination regime had the same model as Israel’s, we’re going to start seeing similar results here.

The J&J vaccine is in the news now and then, and I’ve been hearing about Pfizer’s vaccine being approved in another country for a third ‘booster’ inoculation.

I haven’t heard anything about the Moderna vaccine (which I received) lately. Any news?

Curiously, there isn’t much news about the efficacy of the Modern vaccine. I would assume that it’s probably similar to Pfizer’s data, but it would be good to get some real world data.

Does anyone have any explanation of what’s happened in India? They had a huge surge in April-May and then it dropped back to low level. Graph at this page:

There were some news reports at the time that they not reporting anywhere near all the cases and deaths. And then more recently, estimates that their true death counts should be about 10 times what they’ve reported. So did they just get better at covering up their non-reporting? Or did they reach herd immunity the hard way? Or something else?