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I am SO worried about my 85 year old mother who lives in Boise, ID. She’s fully vaccinated and will be getting her third shot next month, but that’s not going to help her get treated if she falls and breaks her hip.

I can only imagine how anxious you must be about her. I hope she has no need of hospitals for a very, very long time.

Thank you, that’s our hope as well. We want her to come and live with us permanently but she doesn’t want to give up her “independence” yet. I think she’s being silly but she’s an adult and entitled to make her own decisions. So I worry.

Great article @Johnny_L.A. Good read. Thanks for posting it.

It sounds like that guy could use a stiff one.

I see what you did there.

We better watch it or the nice Dopers will make us go be gross somewhere else.

Shit, anaphylaxis is always a big deal as far as I am concerned. You absolutely want to be in a facility where it can be managed.

I was just going to post this article somewhere. It’s a powerful read. I actually learned something that I hadn’t read before. The article explains why being put on a ventilator often ends up in death. Their immune system gets worn down in that environment, and then there are so many secondary pathogens in the hospital. He talks about how the bodies he receives are so swollen and the blood is clotted, which makes his job much harder. Just a powerful read.

Sure. That’s why you’re supposed to wait with monitoring after the vax.

Great read, @Johnny_L.A ! Thanks for sharing.

I worry about my 85 yr. old Dad too. We just lost my Mom a few months ago (not covid). Luckily I live in town so he’s not alone. He’s also good friends with his neighbors. But still, what if something happens and we have issues with hospital occupancy?

Wow. Blood clots like pancakes. Sepsis and gangrene on the fucking face. Horrible.

I heard on the news that Idaho’s governor has issued advice that people don’t ride their bikes to lesson the chances of needing emergency care.

Bless his heart.

I’m sorry for your loss and hope that you and I won’t lose our remaining parents.

I got my booster a few days ago. The dude who vaccinated me said if I had no immediate problems with either of my first two, I could leave immediately after the injection.

Now THAT’S what I call leadership! :roll_eyes:

I cannot locate this anywhere. I’m not doubting you and believe this is something this knucklehead “governor” would do but I’d love to find a source for it.

I recently wrote in one of these threads that I had decided to not go mountain biking just for this reason. And it sucks. The smoke has finally receded, along with the heat, and now I’m worried about needing ER care - not something typically on my mind. We have a new puppy so went for a good hike instead.

Im sorry you got someone who wasn’t following the protocol.

According to him, “the protocol” was updated for Pfizer booster (#3). Maybe he was wrong, but he seemed certain.

I can’t immediately find a different protocol. CDC’s relevant page,

links to the initial series page, where the side effects discussion on anaphylaxis includes an observation period. Sorry not to quote it all out; it’s very hard from my phone.