Correct Ettiquette For eBay Feedback

As a buyer I feel that if my money order gets to the seller quickly I should get positive feedback immediately.

If the seller then delivers the product to me in a timely basis I will respond in positively ASAP.

But lately it seems I have been buying and leaving positive feedback but I never get any from the sellers. I get the e-mails saying thanks for the quick payment, I always send out m/o the day after I win.

So lately I have taken to the policy of not leaving positive feedback regardless of how fast or good the product is unless I get it first.

It seems to irk me that so many sellers don’t take time to give positive feedback to buyers.

Just what is the correct ettiquette?

IMHO, bitching about e-bay on the SDMB isn’t proper “ettiquette”.

It’s just poor form, man.

Well, he’s not actually bitching about ebay - just some of the people who sell there.

Marxxx, you’re probably buying from people who do a lot of ebay sales. They likely have enough positive feedback themselves that they don’t need to cultivate it - and they’re just too busy to worry about it. Go ahead and ask them to leave some feedback for you when you send the MO. I’m sure some will respond.

My strategy on feedback is:

  1. When I contact the seller, my e-mail includes the comment that I give feedback for feedback (so they know ahead of time that I expect feedback before giving it).
  2. When I send payment, I include my e-mail address, ebay ID and the auction number “for feedback purposes” so they don’t have to look anything up for it (if they sell a lot, they’re more likely to give feedback if it doesn’t involve a lot of work keeping track of your info).
  3. I don’t enter feedback until I receive the item (How would I know before then if everything’s okay?). If their feedback hasn’t been entered by then, it generally isn’t going to be coming.

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I would like to comment from the perspective of an eBay seller. While I don’t do nearly the volume of some eBay sellers, I sell a lot more on eBay than I buy, so I guess that makes me an eBay “seller”.

I give feedback to all of my buyers as soon as I receive payment for auctions, but only about half of my customers leave feedback for me. I have never had a complaint, or had any reason to think that my customers are disatisfied; I think some are just lazy or forgetful. I use to send out reminders, but now my feedback rating is pretty good (47), so I just blow it off.

If you are new, and need feedback, it can be frustrating when it is not forthcoming after an otherwise successful transaction. But after you get 10 or so positive comments, don’t worry about it, so long as you don’t get any negatives, it won’t impact your success on eBay.


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“I always send out m/o the day after I win.”

Excuse my ignorance, but I assume ebay is an auction site. Do you win prizes, or just get to buy something? is this a cultural thing I’m not into yet? I’ve heard others use the word “win”, and I assume they mean win the right to buy something. Boggles my mind. :slight_smile:
Also, who’s submissive. Buyer or seller?
I’ll have to go check it out.

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Is it really “winning” when it means you’re the person who is willing to pay more for an item than anyone else?