Correct Pronounciation of "Eire"?

Does Eire rhyme with fire? Or, ear? Or, maybe eerie?

Me! says I’ve been pronouncing it wrong. I’m not good at writing these things out, but they’ve got it sort as air-a.

Growing up in Cleveland on the shores of Lake Eire, I can’t rcall anyone who didn’t pronounce it exactly like the word eerie. Same is true for the town in Pennsylvania.

Percypercy is right, at least on a general level: air-a

I’ve generally heard it pronounced as air-ah too.

I think you’ve confused Erie with Eire! There is no Lake Eire nor Eire, PA!

  • Jinx :confused:

just confirming the air-ah pronunciation.

Pronunciation in irish can be very different from english.

Yep it’sair-ah for me too. Though in France it becomes air

I don’t think I have ever heard this word spoken aloud, and have only run into it in crossword puzzles.

I’ve always pronounced it in my mind to rhyme with fire, but I doubt very much if that is correct.