Correct voltage for the Smart Media card in a Polaroid PDC 2070

Two ancient technologies, if I can get a Smart Media Card for the camera I get kudos from my ex. I’ve googled and tried the company website but can’t seem to find the correct voltage for such a memory card to be used with a Polaroid PDC 2070. Anyone happen to know?

I didn’t see anything on the camera itself, not even to tell me what kind of card it used and the driver and manual seem to be long lost.

Just buy this with an xD card. It will likely save a lot of grief.

BTW, the manual for the camera can be downloaded for free from a number of websites.

It seems the cards are physically different so the device will only accept the correct card:

Part of the reason I would dodge the whole mess and use the adapter - plus xD cards are still being made, which is not the case for SmartMedia cards.

This page makes me think it is 3.3V.

My camera uses smartmedia and I have not had any problem finding them. Does that adapter adapt the voltage? That seems unlikely so the problem remains.

The 5V cards were only around for a short while. Most cameras used the 3.3 V cards.

The adapter may work for this camera, but it doesn’t look like it would fit in the card slot of my old Olympus camera. xD cards are on the way out too, so rather than buy any of those you can probably limp along with a few old Smartmedia card. I probably have a few still kicking around if you’re desperate.

I think I found the manual. Unfortunately, it does not mention the voltage of the card. And the Wikipedia article on Smart Media cards mentions notch placement differences between the 3.3V and 5V cards, but doesn’t say what they are!

I just checked what my Fuji Finepix 1400 and Finepix 2400 use and it is the 3.3 V so it seems you are right because the 1400 is almost an antique. I guess it can be safely assumed the OP’s is also 3.3 V.

Looking at the side of the card with the exposed metal circuitry with the label to the bottom, the 3.3v card had the upper right corner cut off, the 5v card has the upper left corner cut off.

You can download the user guide (in French) here - Polaroid PDC 2070 User Manual
But it doesn’t indicate whether it’s 5v or 3.3v.

Here’s a photo from an eBay sale -
That indicates a card with the notch on the right, 3.3v.