Corrupt help file

Every time I boot my PC I get this message “The c:\windows\system\attenux.hlp file is not a valid Windows Help file, or the file is corrupted.”

I tried deleteing the file but it came back. I did a virus scan and found nothing. Anyone know how to get rid of this annoying message, or should I just reinstall Windows for the fifty millionth time? Oh, I’m using Win 98 SE, and I have no idea where that file came from.

There is probably a program loading at start-up that is trying to use this help file. You can go to Start | Run and type “msconfig” then hit enter. This will bring up the system configuration utility. If you click on the Startup tab, you can see a list of the programs that load when you start your computer. See if any of these look similar to attenux or something like that. You can also try unchecking boxes one-by one and restarting your computer each time to see if it takes care of the problem. Only do this if you feel comfortable mucking around in your computer and have the time and inclination to reinstall everthing from scratch should something go wrong.

Usually I just drop the name of the file in a search engine & it usually shows me where I can download it, then I do, & put back on the puter where it should be.

Thanks guys, it tuned out to be the help file for my video drivers. I downloaded new drivers and it works fine now.