Corruption in College Basketball - DoJ to have major presser at 12pm (EST) today.

Looks like it will include Auburn University as Asst Coach Chuck Person is named. Also hearing about a “major international sportswear company” being involved as well…

I’d love to hear Sonny Vaccaro’s take on this.

AP story here

What I don’t see (or know) is what law they are accused of violating. Hopefully that will be divulged as a part of the press conference.

USC corrupt? Whoda thunk it?

According the DoJ website, the press conference will stream on Facebook:

I’m off now to try and figure out what that means (I don’t really use Facebook, eh.)

ETA: Well that didn’t take me long:


I hate a press conference that doesn’t start on time.

My first guess is fraud, specifically “taking advantage of others” for financial gain. Especially since they’ve mentioned the extreme amount of influence coaches have.

Whooooo…they got a whole lot of evidence. I bet every freaking coach in NCAA basketball and football is shitting their pants right now!

So if you’re a 20-year-old kid, about to turn pro and navigate the agent and sponsor minefield for the first time, and your friendly assistant coach takes you aside and says, “Son, I know some good people who can help you out here” . . . he really doesn’t have your best interests at heart!

Maybe ESPN will start calling him “Chuck Person of Interest”.

Did the press conference also include the accusation that “a company” (that may or may not be Adidas) paid $100,000 to the parents of “a player who committed, on or about June 3, 2017, to” a school “which is described as a public research university with enrollment of 22,640 located in Kentucky” (that may or may not be Brian Bowen and Louisville, although Bowen’s mother responded to the statement with, "“I don’t know anything about that. I’m not aware of anything like that. Not me. I had no idea.”)? Keep in mind Louisville is still on probation after the incident that, most likely, will cost it its 2013 men’s basketball championship.

For those not familiar with the Brian Bowen angle:

If you read the rest of the article, you’ll see that it doesn’t look good for Louisville or Coach Patino.

ETA: I’m wondering why Adidas wasn’t arrested and incarcerated tho; they were a part of this.

Nitpick: Pitino.


Damn you, autocorrect!

ETA: Believe me, I know how to spell Slick Rick’s name. And when I want to misspell it, I use Patina, as an insult.

This is definitely a Hooolllllyyyyy Shhhiiiiiiiittttttt moment.

I knew that college basketball was corrupt, but I didn’t think it was $100k to the 19th best prospect in a year corrupt. You’ve gotta wonder how many other players are getting paid and how much they are getting.

I’m shocked. Shocked to find corruption in a business that uses free labor to generate profits and high pay for coaches and administrators. Now I suppose you’re also going to tell me people gamble on the outcome of these basketball games. I can’t imagine how things turned out this way.

Man, this is gonna be huge. Surprised that so far no athletes seem to be included as knowing participants.

If Nike is also involved I’ll be surprised if Calipari’s name doesn’t float to the surface somewhere.

Two Adidas execs were arrested and taken into custody today.

So far only Adidas has been named, but three of the four schools are Nike schools, so I assume more names are coming.

This is so stupid. Shoe companies and agents are paying college athletes to wear their shoes/accept their representation if they hit. But what if they just take the money and do what they want? These aren’t binding contracts, are they?