Cory Monteith (Finn on Glee) found dead in hotel.

I’m not sure any of Glee’s writers know how to write any plots that don’t involve a love triangle, so Rachel will probably get two new boyfriends.

Nearly every episode of “Glee” was a “very special episode”, which is one of the reasons I dumped it last year.

I still have the last 11 eps from last season on my DVR. I’d stopped watching it because I was just getting too…Glee-y. Did it pick up after that?


Laurie wasn’t a major character like Finn was. There’s zero-chance he’ll be recast and there’s no plausible way to write him out of the show without killing him off.

I think that was the original plan for season 5; Finn being an education student at a local college would create slightly less contrived excuses for him to keep showing up at WMHS.

I know this sounds really sick & insensitive but I hated most of season 4 and had no plans to watch this season until know. I’ll tune in for the first couple episodes if only to see how Finn’s death get’s handled. Though if Rachel suddenly turns out to be pregnant with his child I predict pipe bombs for Ryan Murphy.

Should we start a Glee season five speculation thread? I feel kind of bad about using a thread about Monteith’s death for that purpose.

Four of the characters were seniors at the start of Season 4 - Artie, Tina, Blaine, and Brittany. By not ending Season 4 with graduation, the characters can stay on as regulars, and sing with New Directions (otherwise Blaine could have just moved to New York), for another season. (Well, except for Brittany, but that was because Heather Morris got pregnant.) This also gives the current juniors pretty much guaranteed jobs in the already-announced Season 6.

They’ll never make regionals now.

Sure she was. The whole Kelso-Laurie plot drove a whole season of that show.

I was shocked by the news when I got up this morning. How awful for his loved ones, and for the many who loved him.

Finn, and Monteith’s portrayal of him, was very important in the early days of Glee, and it’s hard to imagine another actor as effectively toeing the line between jock and nerd, popular kid and pariah, confident and lost. Glee will continue without him but, for better or worse, it will continue as something that Cory Monteith had a big hand in building.


Is it? Mad Men’s recast the son like 3 times now, and Game of Thrones recast the Mountain between seasons.

I liked the first couple seasons but haven’t watched lately. He was a good choice for that part. Sorry to hear of his passing.


I drifted away from Glee towards the end of S3. I’ve been slowly catching up. (a several month break was good to cleanse the palate). Still, the first season was excellent, (and some of the 2nd as well) and Finn’s story was a big part of why. Celebrity deaths don’t usually hit me hard, but for some reason this one did. a great future cut short. And not too far from my own age, too.


RIP Cory

Jerry’s dad on Seinfeld. A recurring character, recast after (I think) just one appearance.

Here’s an IMDB list of the phenomenon:

Was this meant maybe for this thread?

As KneadToKnow said, wrong thread. But also doesn’t count as Morty’s original actor died in 2012.

Am I correct in thinking that he and Lea Michele were or had been in a relationship in real life?

Yes. Were at the time of his death.

The Gleeful podcast (also available on iTunes) did a nice episode last night talking about their reactions to the news of Monteith’s death. I’ve recommended this podcast before, but for those of you not familiar with it the hosts are all actual grown-ups (Josh and Jen are a married couple in their mid 30s, Ed is a couple of years out of college and so must be mid 20s) so this wasn’t a bunch of teenagers sobbing or anything. They talked about what Monteith contributed to the show, feeling grief over the death of a celebrity, and also being an adult who’s a little embarrassed to say why they’re feeling down because they know that most of their friends and coworkers would think it was stupid.

He died from a mixture of alcohol and heroin (though I’m guessing the heroin was the more lethal).

No, it’s the interaction which is lethal:
" The single most common cause of heroin sudden death is bad interaction (and sometimes synergy) of heroin with CNS depressant–especially alcohol and barbiturates. The government has made it very hard to get barbiturates during the past couple of decades, so the biggest problem is alcohol.
I have been present during several sudden deaths that happened when a drunk person ingested a relatively small amount of heroin. This appears to have been the cause of Janis Joplin’s death, in addition to the deaths of many others who are commonly said to have died of “heroin overdose”."