Glee: 1.10, "Ballad" (open spoilers)

Wow, tonight was the first time I felt sorry for Quinn. She’s well and truly fucked now. Her parents threw her out, and I don’t think Finn’s going to take it very well [del]if[/del] when he find’s out he’s not the father. I still think she’s a bitch though. No matter how badly she’s fucked up her own life she does not have the right to do the same to Finn. Still, she’s nowhere near as bad as Terri. Oh, did anyone else want to smack Mercedes when Puck told her he was the real father and all she cared about was Quinn having decided Finn would be a better father and how Puck should stay out of it? :dubious: Hello, what about Finn and Quinn lying to an using him?
Poor Kurt. As intersting as making Finn bi-curious would be I don’t think the writers will head there. I hope he doesn’t get relugated to being the celibate gay character who’s never allowed to have an onscreen relationship. I doubt the whole Finn-Quinn-Rachel-Puck-Kurt love pentagram will get wrapped up anytime soon. Didn’t much care for the Rachel crushing on Mr Shuester plot.

I don’t feel sorry for Quinn at all, the little whore (not because she had sex, but because she cheated on her boyfriend and is lying about it, trying to ruin his life). I can understand her being scared, but not only is she lying to Finn while she played the ‘Virgin Queen,’ but she absolutely talks to him like he’s shit.

“I’m smart and you’re dumb.” WTH? I think she’s just as bad as Terri. I mean c’mon, Finn was singing to a sonogram that wasn’t even his. He is doing his best to do what’s right while Quinn is lying to him and making him feel like shit. I hope Quinn falls and falls hard.

If they never let Finn find out he isn’t the father I will not be happy with this show. And I am shocked at Mercedes. Ok, Quinn would be better off, but what about Finn? No one at all seems to care about him, except for maybe Kurt and Rachael.

I didn’t mind the crush subplot, and I thought it was really cute how Emma became all smitten with Will while he was singing. I can’t wait for them to get together.

I feel just a little bit sorry for Quinn. I do feel sorry for Puck though and REALLY sorry for Finn. He’s gonna find out eventually (they do a pretty good job of NOT keeping secrets on this show) and he’s gonna be crushed.

Both crush subplots were great. I agree that Kurt needs to find someone (other Asian maybe?). The actor who plays Finn did a really good job pulling off the whole “you’re a cool dude and a good friend but you’re making me really uncomfortable” act.

Great singing in this episode. It was nice to hear Will sing something not Hip-hop, it always sounds really fake when he does. And the open ballad with Rachel was great, if only for Will’s hilarious faces and everone’s little internal monologue.

Also, I hope this is not the last we’ve seen of Susie Pepper.

“Two years of psycotherapy and one esophogas transplant later”. Great line.

The whole “Having my Baby” song by Finn was ruined for me by him pronouncing “baby” as “ba-be”. Was that supposed to make an old song sound more hip? It just sounded dumb.

Can’t say I saw Quinn’s parents kicking her out coming. What turds. And poor Finn. “We didn’t even have sex.” I hope he finally explains his hot tub encounter to someone so they can explain the facts of life and sperm to him. But he’s a dumb kid. What’s Mr. Schuster’s excuse. How can he not have noticed Terri’s padded baby-bump by now? Doesn’t he ever put his hand on the baby to feel it move or just talk to it? How can you hide it under a nightgown?

That was cute with Kurt and Puck mouthing “Call me” to Finn and Quinn.

But through most of the last number, Puck was just in the background, appearing to lumber through the backing vocals. He’s a POS, by the way; Quinn isn’t the only one participating in the Finn screwage. One mouthed “Call Me” does not redeem him. I am also patiently waiting for Finn to find out that one cannot impregnate a girl in a hot tub through two bathing suits and several inches of sperm-roasting spa water. If they work it out to happen in the mddle of a song number, I’ll be impressed.

I also liked the Young Girl / Don’t Stand So Close to Me number, but I’m getting very tired of the wife faking the pregnancy. It makes me lose respect for the writers.

I very much liked Finn’s mother’s 180 when she found out Quinn had been kicked out by her parents. That’s now nice people should act.

Loved this episode! I thought the Rachel/Will crush was really funny, but I’m a teacher and I’ve been in that position more than once before so it kinda hit home for me. The internal thoughts during “Endless Love” were great.

Also loved Suzie Pepper, and the Kurt/Finn team.

I’m hoping maybe we’ll see a Kurt’s Dad and Finn’s Mom hookup, putting Kurt and Finn into the position of being kindof brothers. I just think that would be an interesting direction to take that relationship.

I’m a new convert to this show–loving it! And I would have totally had a crush on Will, too, if he had been my teacher. Rowr!

Best line: Finn cheats off Brittany, who “thinks the square root of 4 is rainbows.”

My favorite line also involved Brittany:

Will: “Who knows what a ballad is?”

Brittany: “It’s a male duck.”
then a few minutes later when Will is preparing the hat for them to draw partners, Brittany whispers to the other cheerleader, “I bet the duck is in the hat.”

I also liked hearing Will sing something other than 80’s R&B, it was nice.

Didi anyone else recognize Suzie Pepper from another show? One with talking animals perhaps? Maybe the actress is making a career playing wierd stalkers.

I know it’s a whole new century and everything, but when I was in high school none of my gay friends had open relationships with anyone from our school.

Isn’t that how it is in the original?

What did you see as a 180? I thought her reaction when he told her (she figured out) was great; showing him support and also showing us and not him that she was broken hearted. I read it as her being sad for him that things weren’t going to turn out how he’d hope.

What happened to Finn’s wheelchair job?

I try not to wish for divorce and feel conflicted about rooting for Emma and Will, but I find Terri just awful.

Well, they’re going to competitions with other schools; maybe he’ll meet somebody there. A LDR would give him plenty of angst, which the actor does so well, and good torch songs for us to hear.

Came in here to say this… so Seconded.

I so wish this were true. Would that then make 2 squared Unicorns?:smiley:

**I try not to wish for divorce and feel conflicted about rooting for Emma and Will, but I find Terri just awful. **

This is the only way the writers can get the audience to accept a divorce/affair, to make Terri the worst of the worst. This is Glee afterall, not Melrose Place.

** Isn’t that how it is in the original?**

This is a pretty old song too and they definitely didn’t use that pronunciation. Originally written and sung by Paul Anka. Just a petty nitpik on my part, it just grated when he was singing.

Definitely like the idea of Kurt and Finn being “brothers”. A way to keep their relationship close without it being “close”.

My favorite was Quinn’s dad getting excited to watch Glenn Beck. That was hilarious to me.

Other than the fabulous Brittany lines, I loved it when one of the names pulled out of the hat was “Other Asian”.

“I have to go, they’ll think I’m pooping.”

I also really really liked the performance of Lean on Me. Didn’t feel overproduced or “fakey” at all, but very well sung by very talented performers, and fit into the plot perfectly (except for how Quinn is a bitch who doesn’t deserve the support, but most of them don’t know that).

I got that wrong. I was typing my dental implant post and wasn’t paying full attention, so I just noted Finn’s mother’s voice pause and then, “Of course you can,” and assumed she’d been about to give Finn some grief about something. On review, she didn’t do a 180.

I’ve never said this while a series was still alive, but: we need to kill Terri off.

Kurt’s reaction to that was hilarious as well. Just pure WTF?

One thing that I wondered though, was Kurt’s idea to have Finn sing at the dinner a way to sabotage Quinn? Or did he really think that it would go over well? Cause honestly, nobody should have thought that it would have gone over well.